Which Internet Search Engines Do You Use Regularly

I personally mostly use the Swagbucks search engine and sometimes Google.

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I personally mostly use the Swagbucks search engine and sometimes Google.

Google, I love you.

Whenever I use someone else’s computer and the default engine turns out to be something else (usually Bing), I always spend five seconds wondering why the internet is broken before I finally realize what’s going on.

google. Otherwise things feel all wrong, like VarlosZ just said.

There are search engines other than Google?!?

:: Piper rushes off to google “search engines” ::

Ixquick because Google is evil. Ixquick because Bing is Microsoft, and Google, being even more evil than Microsoft (hard to believe but true), terminated Scroogle with extreme prejudice.

Google even though they use a bubble filter.
I used DuckDuckGo for a while but it just ‘felt’ weird.

Anybody else remember Altavista?

Google and nothing else if I can help it. The others all bug me and don’t get the results I need most of the time.

I completely despise Bing.

Google is the only one that actually gets me the results I need - the others either miss out a specific site I can’t remember the precise address for or are so full of ads that they’re useless.

Google 99% of the time (if not more.)

Sometimes I use Bing for video searches, since the default video search is Google is always Youtube. And I know I can search other videos as well, but it’s a hassle…you have to click on that little “more” tab, then go down to the bottom of the list that pops up and select video, and even then, it gives Youtube videos a lot more priority over non-Youtube ones.

One might wonder why I don’t want Youtube to show up, and there’s a variety of reasons. Sometimes it might be something that I know won’t be on Youtube, like a clip from a Viacom, Disney, or 20th Century Fox property. I’m not talking full episodes here, I mean just small, 5-30s clips that do fall under fair use. Unfortunately, Google has taken a very, if I may be crude, puss-tastic policy regarding copyright matters. A lot of “fair use” clips from these properties, and others, don’t last long when uploaded to Youtube.

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I try to avoid using Google for anything. For searching, I have not found anything that beats DuckDuckGo.

google and duckduckgo.

Startpage. Delivers exactly the same results as Google without the privacy issues.

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Almost always Google. Occasionally I’ll use Bing if I’m not satisfied with Google’s results, but this is fairly rare. Everything else could disappear and I’d never notice.

It’s run by Ixquick (that also has its own engine under the Ixquick name), which leaves me wondering why Google gives StartPage a pass after screwing Scroogle.

Money, probably.

OK, THAT was funny.
And fortunately, I can Laugh Out Loud because I’m not in a cubicle.
<dances happy dance>
Startpage, eh? I will try that. I always root for the underdog.
(Says the guy who is using Windows 7 and .Net for development.)

And… what? No love for Altavista? It was the bee’s knees back in the 20th century.

I asked myself the same question. Indeed, there has to be some kind of deal between Google and Ixquick. Scroogle had a sort of underground, non-commercial approach whereas Ixquick/Startpage seems to be a legit business.

Google for most searches but www.wolframalpha.com is awesome if you want to get almanac like summary information in an easy to read format.