Google or Bing or other: what's the difference?

Which search engine do you use most frequently, and why?

I use Google mostly because I like the bare-bones page-with-text-box interface (that must have taken great effort to design!). I also like the way the results page is formatted. But that’s about it. Sometimes I use Bing and to my unscientific eye the results are identical, and performance the same.

When Google search came, its algorithms were lauded as prodigious. Have the other providers now created equiperformant algorithms? There has to be some difference between Google’s and Microsoft’s search algorithms. They cannot be identical in all respects.

Anybody here would know how they differ, and if they do, their relative strengths and weaknesses? And maybe this is completely stupid, but do they share some code under some arrangement, and customize on top of that?


I use both. I actually use Bing as the default search provider, but i still find myself opening new tabs to go to Google. Bing has some neat wallpapers from time to time that i hover over the little info squares and learn a thing or two. I also use Bing since i get points i can use for Xbox eventually.

I have taken the test a few times and the results tend to lean towards Google, but they are so similar that it hardly makes a difference to me 90% of the time.

Google’s is now written so you can’t turn off “Safe Search”; it is now permanently stuck in roughly what used to be called “moderate safe search”. So, there’s a distinct possibility that whatever you are looking for may be censored by it because it thinks it might be porn. I’ve also heard complaints by people who do try using it to search for porn that it’s harder to find the milder stuff anymore; since you need to be more explicit with your search terms it guides you towards the more extreme porn.

I use Bing because I work for the company that makes it. But even so, I don’t see enough difference between the engines to prefer one over the other any more based on search results. Even if I were otherwise employed, I’d probably use bing for the wallpapers, desktop, and Bing Rewards program – no point in not getting a Starbucks card or somesuch every month or two when I’m searching anyway.

Everyone says this, but I’m pretty sure it can be shut off. It’s just more complicated than it should be. I had it off a couple months ago, and explicitly had to turn it on because I got some porn results when I was looking up an actress who had some famous nude scenes.

That said, as I have full Safe Search on, I do wind up using Bing if I want to look up one of the forbidden words. I do not know why Google thinks it’s a good idea to keep me from finding words I’ve explicitly typed in. Obviously I don’t want to be restricted in that context. I even wrote feedback decrying it. It’s not like I’m a little kid and have the parental lock on. Why should I have to go in, turn of SafeSearch, type in my search, and then turn it back on?

So, as I told them, I just used Bing, for like the 10th time ever.

I’m sorry, but that just creeps me out. And it’s not just Bing, Google has one, too. They bribe you to look up things in their search engine. And, somehow they are making more money doing that than not doing so. Ads generally make a few cents per thousand views. So it’s not the ads. Who is so desperate for our search info that they are paying Google and Microsoft so much that they can afford to actually pay us?

I may have to actually start using those programs that will salt your searches, to make search results useless. I have ethical reasons not to allow either company to make money off of me, but I’d assumed the money they made off my searches didn’t amount to all that much since I don’t view ads. I mean, Google claims not to know anything about my demographics when I check the data they’ve collected on me, but now I wonder…

Every once in awhile I use a PC that has Bing as its default search engine. I am always struck by the poor quality of the search results Bing provides compared to Google. I wind up switching the default back to Google.

Bing sucks.

I haven’t seen any difference between the two. Sometimes one gives you better results; sometimes the other one does. The main reason why Bing is not gaining traction as a competitor is that the difference is so slight.

Stealth brag?

I use duckduckgo all the time now because it doesn’t track you and you remain anonymous. Downside is it doesn’t remember anything, so once your session has ended, you have to type everything all over again, e.g., using mapquest, it won’t remember your home address. But still well worth it to me.

I also got annoyed of google’s constant unwelcome automated phone calls telling me to update. I have to block about three to five of these a month from them, and they always get new phone numbers and I have to start the process all over again. They have become a bit arrogant with all of this information that they have collected from us, and I think they are abusing that privilege.

Google is calling you? To update what? I suspect you’re being scammed.

I did a search engine with duckduckgo, using this: google robo calls

A lot of hits to read through, so, I’m not the only one. But you appear right, it looks like a scam and google states that are not behind the calls and don’t do that. I rarely stay on with them but for a few seconds once I hear it is a computer, I get just enough from them to tell me it’s time to update my google mail or some other form of update.

AND furthermore: The major search engines (Google; perhaps the others too) filter or prioritize your searches according to what they think you want to see, based on the personalized data they’ve amassed about you.

DuckDuckGo promises to NOT do this. Here is their Dummies-level tutorial on the subject.

BTW: If you think that [noparse][/noparse] is too long to type, you can also get there with the shorter URL

Google. Bing disappointed me quite badly in the past, so we’re not on speaking terms any more.

(I just checked and the thing that it got very wrong - in Bing Maps - is still very wrong).

I just checked and it’s easy. I clicked on “Settings/Search settings” in the lower-right corner and SafeSearch was the first option. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

Doesn’t mean what it used to. Safeseach “off” now is the equivalent of what “moderate” used to be before, unless you include clearly sexual terms in your query like nude, fuck, etc. Edit to add, but the sexual word is still part of the query, so it screws with the results, and makes some searches impossible.

Here’s an interesting articleI found on Lifehacker that’s relevant to the topic: an article on I09 about when to use search engines other than Google. It’s a bit outdated … was written in 2011 … .but has some interesting info. Wolfram? Really?

Google used to be better. Now it seems they will give preference to sites who pay. Meaning you won’t see all the possible search results… just the ones they want you to see.

Well Google as a company is moving away from porn. It seems to be a common process for corporations that succeed on the Net. They start out, 'We lurves that Internet freedom, we’ll provide access to whatever our users like, it’s none of our damn business." Then they get big, rich and successful and suddenly it IS their damn business what their users like, and if they like sex stuff, it’s “fuck you, buddy, and not in the good way.” There’s probably a meme about it out there somewhere, a sort of corporate reverse Rule 34.

Although to be fair, the reason I was first attracted to Google is that it was the best search engine at eliminating all the damn spam the porn sites used to spew over every search engine in creation. Plenty of blame out there, babies.

I thought you could use ‘’ on DDG (or some other operator to return either Google or Bing results)