Wow! The latest "Bing" search engine really is quite good!

It’s a damned good search engine! A creditable competitor to Google.

Having done a search for a ‘very specific’ thing in the last 10 minutes, I find Bing vs. Google to suck major ass.

Bing search= nothing
Google search= 5 sites worth looking at

Now I know better! :smiley:

After edit: WTF? After I searched google, I went back to bing, and it showed the sights I visited on google, in purple!

I have no idea what I’m doing…

Visited links are stored in your browser (under History), not the Web site you’re on. So if you visited a link in Firefox and a Web site has itself coded to show visited links in purple, any Web site you go to that displays a URL with a link you’ve visited will show the link in purple (or whatever color the site has designated to be for visited links.)

Mods! I think Bill Gates hacked astro’s account!

He’s obviously a shill.

OMG, I agree! Bing sux big time. I tried my best to use it in protest of Google new “do bad” corporate moto… but, it was soooooo, soooooo bad. I can’t imagine living in a world that is bing-ified… you’d get almost no useful information evah.

I didn’t get any further than the front page. I like my search engines uncluttered with giant background pictures of unidentifiable flora and/or fauna, thank you very much.

Vista was never given a fair shake!

Using Opera, all I get is a picture of kayakers. No search box, nothing. Just an image.

Oh, yeah. That’s great all right.

Oh, and they’ve just partnered up with Encyclopedia Brittanica to add EB blurbs to search results. That will go well for EB. Encarta had a deal with Funk & Wagnalls. And look what happened to both of those.

Reports are that MS has been looking to sell Bing and there are no buyers. Dead site walking.

As much as I hate to say it, Bing’s image search is WAY more accurate than Google’s.

Just a reminder: Defending Microsoft Bob is evidence of shill-hood or adult-onset idiocy.

I’ve tried it, and I think it actually might work as a kids’ OS. It sure looks a lot like those sites I see preschoolers loving to use.

And I wish I were a Microsoft shill. Their products aren’t that bad anymore, and I could use the money.

I’ve been using duckduckgo more and more, now it’s my default search engine in firefox (search box not url bar, that’s still Google with “im feeling lucky”).

I really like the !function (forgot the name) but lets say you want to look for something in you just type “!amazon kindle cover” and it will perfom the search for you in amazon and redirect you to their site.

While indeed the purple link is part of your browser–helpfully marking the links you’ve already visited so you don’t have to visit them again, the thing that catches my eye is that all the same links are suddenly available–after you found them on Google. Bing was previously in trouble for allegedly copying Google’s search results.

But I do also wonder if there’s not a Bing search feature built into Internet Explorer that also includes your previously visited sites. That’s not so bad.

I can’t say I’m on board with their commercials saying you can “ask your friends”.

I don’t want to ask my friends stuff via search engine. Either I’ll ask them directly (via Facebook or direct contact) what they like in Hawaii or else I’ve already decided they’re no good in that regard and I’m using a search engine because I was “professional” opinions. I just can’t see any value in it aside from clutter.

Why do you hate to say it?

I’ve heard others say similar things. What exactly was so bad about it?

Hmm. Just tried a search on “baseball” on bing, google, and duckduckgo. The last two had and at the top. Bing had links to a site to buy baseball bats and for some reason, a link to Goldman Sachs. Is this indicative? If so, I get the idea…

Just tried baseball on Bing, got wiki and MLB as first two links. Also got a link to the U. TX San Antonio Road Runners baseball team.

With enthusiasm like that, I don’t see how they could fail to sign you up as an entry level shill. That could even work as their new slogan:
Microsoft™ – Not Really That Bad Anymore**

It’s important to manage expectations.