Which iPod should I get?

I’m in the market for an MP3 player, and I think I’m going to go ahead and FINALLY break down and get an iPod. I don’t know why I’ve been resisting as long as I have, since they’re clearly well-designed and easy to use. I still don’t want to spend any more money than I have to, though, so I’ve narrowed it down to two options.
I have an opportunity to buy an 8GB iPod touch for $199 plus a $50 gift card that I can guarantee won’t go to waste. I haven’t used an iPhone/iPod touch that much, but I like what I’ve seen. I have no idea which or how many Apps I might download, but I definitely appreciate that I can add even more functionality to the device.
An iPod nano will run me $135 for the 8GB model and $166 for the 16GB model locally. I’m not interested in the camera, because I’m pretty sure my nano would end up in an armband and never leave, but I dig that it finally has an FM tuner and can pause radio playback. About the only other feature the nano enjoys over the touch is VoiceOver, which I could really care less about. Maybe it’s great for blind folks, but I don’t see why I couldn’t live without it.
While I’m at it, does anyone know if you can add FM radio to an iPod touch? If not, how well and how easily will it do internet radio or radio feeds from FM stations’ websites?
So what are your thoughts? Definite pros and cons both ways, but what would you buy?

I’ve had an iPod Nano for… almost 4 years now. I’ve had my iPhone for 2 months. Here’s what I like/dislike about each:

Nano: the size is great. I use it with an armband while at the gym, or slip into a shirt pocket while on my motorcycle. The controls are really straightforward.

What I don’t like is that playlists can not be edited through the Nano; only through a computer. You can create a playlist with the Nano, but that can be a pain when you have a thousand songs to sift through.

iPhone/Touch: It allows me to edit the ‘On the Go’ playlist with the device by adding and deleting songs. Very nice! What I don’t like are the controls- I still fumble trying to tap the right part of the screen if rushed, like working out. BUT, it comes with earbuds with integrated controls in the cable. Works very well.

Another plus is the wifi ability. I find that FM stations stream fine over wifi. Also, there is a free Pandora app that also streams very well. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to find all that many good wifi signals in my area. In fact, most media use with my iPhone is over the AT&T network (thank God for unlimited data).

Now, having said all that, if my primary purpose was to listen to music at the gym or on my bike, then I’d go with the Nano, simply for the FM radio capability and reduced size.

Hope this helps.

How big is your music collection?

I have my second iPod classic since I replaced the (dead) 2 year old 4GB. The classic has 111 GB of storage BUT it is like carrying a hard drive around. It’s frankly too delicate for its own good. I use it in conjunction with an iTalk microphone for low quality recording, but if that’s your main reason for getting an iPod, I’d recommend getting a Zoom recorder instead.

In short, I’m not that thrilled with the iPod classic, despite the amount it can store.

Not sure, actually. I’ve got maybe 150-175 CDs that I’m still in the process of ripping at 192 kbps, and a fairly small collection of purely digital music that I mostly downloaded from Napster around the turn of the century. I’d say not much more than 3 or 4GB there.
I’m pretty sure the only way I’d be able to fit every single song I currently have on an iPod is if I went with the 16GB nano, if that’s why you’re asking, but I’m pretty comfortable with picking and choosing… the most space I’ve ever had on an MP3 player before this is my 1GB Creative Zen nano.

My first Ipod was a 2GB Nano. I planned on only putting a little music on it, but I liked it so much I wanted to put everything on it. Then I obsessed over creating smart playlists to choose what I wanted on it. I think it’s best to either have a small one that will only carry what you want to listen to currently, or get something that can carry all you music. (Unless you have CDs that you don’t want to listen to at all.)

Also remember to leave a little space for podcasts.

The main thing that you get with the Touch is w-fi Internet access. That’s a whole different issue from the music playing.

BTW, for casual listening 128K AAC is plenty.

I got a 16 GB Nano (4th generation) last May, my first portable music playing device since the original casette Walkman, and think it’s great. It’s a little more than half full now. I like iTunes, also. Things work reasonably and there are a few features I enjoy. This is so much handier than any other music collection means that I can’t picture going back.

My complaints: iTunes didn’t install correctly the first time, but the second worked. Then an update didn’t work right and made some other software also stop working, and it took me a couple of hours to fix that. The Ipod has needed resetting twice, but otherwise has worked.

Adding a tiny digital camera to the Nano sounds dumb to me, especially because like most people I have a cell phone with a tiny digital camera all the time anyway.

I have an 8 GB Nano that works great for me. No complaints at all. I think if I had the opportunity to get the Touch for the price the OP mentioned, though, I would go for it. Well, not now, cause I don’t feel the need to replace my Nano, but if I’d had that deal when I was in the market last year.

I’ve had three iPods – a Mini (actually, I’ve had two minis, since I replaced one that was stolen out of my car), an 8 GB Nano (the square-ish one – that’s 3rd gen., right?), and I now own a 16GB Touch. It’s a 2nd gen. I bought it at a steal right after the 3rd gen. Touches were released.

I discovered that 8 GB is not that much space. I have a few photos and no videos on the Touch, and my music is taking up nearly 8 GB right now. BomTek, you don’t know how wonderful it is to not have to pick and choose what to put on!

As far as FM radio goes, I have long had one ofthese. It works with the Touch just fine, but it’s another thing to futz with. The biggest pain in the ass is if you want to switch back and forth between FM and your music collection, since the headphones plug into the FM device, so you have to unplug them and plug them into the iPod to switch to stored music.

In my experience, using an Internet connection to listen to music works fine. Obviously, this is only the case if you’re in one location. If you’re out walking or running, no.

The thing I really enjoy about the Touch (in addition to all its other capabilities) is the size of the display when listening to music. It is very easy to read.

I got each of my kids a 5th gen 16gb Nano and took one of their 3rd gen 8gb Nano for my own use. I’m out of room already with approximately 1,300 songs and 50 or so music videos.

The touch is good for my old eyes, but the new Nano will fit anywhere; I love the armband or necklace carry for them.

Get the 16 - you’ll fill it up sooner than you think!

CAUTION: Leaving your Nano in your pants pocket then washing, and drying it is not recommended.

My (soon to be ex-) wife has done this twice now. WITH THE NEW ONES! AAHHHH!