Getting a smartphone vs carrying Ipod Touch and a plain phone

I have an old Ipod Nano which I like, but it’s way too small for my collection.

I was planning on getting an Ipod Touch. They seem to have a lot more functionality than the other Ipods and perhaps in some circumstances could save me from needing a netbook when I just want to quickly look stuff up on the Internet. My only real concern with the Touch is that it’s fairly big. Thin, but big. It might get bit uncomfortable trying to carry it in my pockets along with a wallet, keys, and cellphone.

My other idea was to get a smartphone. Something with mp3 and AAC playing, ,a web browser for wifi, and some type of map software. I would skip the expensive data plan by buying used and using an obscure prepay company that will activate a smartphone without a data plan, just use it as a phone and only use the Internet through wifi, and use it as a music player. That way I’d have one less item to carry. I’m not sure which phone I’d use; the HTC Droid Eris seemed good on paper but I tried it in a store and the touchscreen was horrible, I could barely manage to make a call. The Motorola Droid was better, but a bit big and more expensive.

Anyway, my primary question is for Ipod Touch users, do you find it to be a burden in your pockets with your other stuff? The whole appeal of the Ipod is that you can have your music (and other stuff) with you anywhere, so it doesn’t do me any good if I’m not going to want to carry it around.

You don’t want to carry an iPhone or iPod touch unsheathed int he same pocket with keys. Despite the ‘scratchproof’ of the screen, you still get scratches.

i don’t have any issues carrying a Wallet+iPhone in one pocket, and Keys/knife/multitool in the other one.

I have a Touch and a Tracfone. I’m female, so I carry them in my purse, rather than in pants pockets. Tonight, I happened to have left both the phone and the Touch at home, and I was shocked at how much lighter my purse was. It would be nice to have only one device, but I don’t use a cell phone enough to justify the expense of a monthly contract for an iPhone.

I love my Touch enough, though, that I am more than happy to carry them both.

How big a library of music/video stuff do you want to carry?

The Iphone comes with portable internet, so you can go on the web everywhere. The Ipod touch only with wifi, so you can log in on your own (wireless) network, but not anywhere else.

Get the smartphone. You’ll look silly carrying so much around in your pockets. Consider getting a money clip to replace your wallet as well. Especially with winter ending and you won’t be wearing your man-shaped wallet soon.

I have an iPhone but I also have an iPod (Classic), because the iPhone still isn’t big enough to hold all of my music. I keep certain playlists on the phone (I have a “new music” auto playlist that’s made up of the stuff I’ve bought most recently, and I also keep “my top rated”). I use the iPod mostly at work and when I’m working out, so I can have a bigger selection. I really wish iPhones had more storage space. But, even though I have two devices, I really only carry the phone around. The iPod goes in my laptop bag and I pull it out when I get to work. I personally find even the iPhone to be annoyingly large on its own – I certainly wouldn’t want to add a second device to the mix in my pockets.

I have an iPhone. I keep it in my pocket all of the time. I don’t find it all that bulky. Most of the time I forget it’s there or have to fish around in my pocket for it. I’d certainly rather have it than carry a separate iPod and phone. But I’ve been with AT&T for a number of years, so getting an iPhone was no big switch for me.

iPhones are up to 32 GB for the 3GS. That would be more than enough storage space for me. Of course when they come up with the next generation of 3GS, it should catch up to the iPod Touch’s 64GB.

I have an iPod touch and a nano, and the touch is so far ahead of the nano in what it can do that it shouldn’t even be called an iPod, IMO. It’s a pocket computer.

I would say that if you have good access to free WiFi hotspots, an iPod touch makes a good “poor man’s iPhone”. The main thing I miss is GPS.

As for size, the iPod touch is a lot slimmer than an iPhone. I carry mine around all the time along with a dumbphone. Of course I would prefer an all-in-one device and internet (almost) anywhere, but for the money I think the iPod touch offers a lot.

I did look at “SIM free” phones like the HTC Hero (Android), where you arrange your own 3G contract. But the phone itself is 2.5 times the cost of the iPod touch, before you add the contract. And Android app availibility is way behind what Apple offers.


Itouch fits in front pocket of khaki office pants just fine; front jeans pocket less so.
My crapy Razr fits on a holster on my belt.

The radio apps work when there is wifi, as does trapster, but truthfully those are really meant to be Iphone apps.

Unfortunately (?), I have almost 50GB of music alone, and a huge number of apps too, so I don’t think even a 64GB phone would be enough to truly hold everything. It would be enough to hold everything I listen to on a regular basis for sure (obviously I’m not listening through 50GB of music every week), but I like being able to sync the whole thing so I don’t have to spend time figuring out what should be included and what shouldn’t.

It doesn’t matter a whole lot for me anyway. I prefer listening on the iPod Classic because I like having the hardware controls instead of a touch screen.