Which Is Better: Prosciutto or Serrano Ham?

Both are cured hams, kept on the bone. As far as I can tell, the curing process (salting, drying, hanging) is pretty much the same…the only possible difference is that serrano is made from pigs fed on acorns. So, for you cured ham experts, is there any substantial difference 9except the price-geniune imported serrano is really expensive).


Try a taste test; I can’t tell the difference.

I have a niece who hates lox, so when we have a bagel brunch, I put some Prosciutto aside for her to use instead.


Serrano is better to me. The acorn diet imparts a nutty, buttery quality to the ham that to me, is detectable (if only slightly so). However, good prosciutto is pretty fine too and is a much better deal money-wise.

Depends what you are using it for and as others have mentioned, your personal tastes. I prefer prosciutto, but like Serrano

Price vs taste.

According to the Italians, serrano…

The drying process isn’t the same, simply because the weather in the locations where both are made doesn’t allow for the same; the best serranos are dried in locations which make the national news when it rains. Prosciutto usually has more salt and shorter curing times. Are there prosciuttos which are better than some serranos? Sure, but they’ll be as expensive as the serranos they equal - and there are a lot of things being sold as serrano (sometimes even with DO labels) which are not.