Which is correct grammer: "X square" or "X squared"?

When what you mean is “X[sup]2[/sup]” which is the correct English: “X square” or “X squared”?

X squared. “Squared” is being used as a verb.

“X squared” is correct.

“X square”= two consecutive nouns

“X squared”= noun (being x) followed by a verb (squared).
X is a variable, and the ^2 is the process (verb) of multiplying x by itself.

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Thanks. Somehow something like “Pi squared” just won’t seem the same: No pizzazze. :frowning:

So, any chance that the secret of Capital Pi will be declassified anytime soon? Why can’t you tell us the significance?

No. Because.


But, on second thought, about your second question, rsa: If you answer my highly-embarrassing, posted-while-very-red-faced question which is even now sliding off the page below, I will undertake the project required to see if perhaps I can give a hint or more about why I can’t tell you the significance of what-I-had-thought-to-be an innocuous SDMB-user-name. :slight_smile:


Unusual? NO

Dangerous? NO

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To the OP, I’ve gotten kinda used to Parameter & #928;& #178;, but there’s nothing wrong with Pi squared.

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Well thanks for trying. Although now we know that it’s not just you apparently, but a conspiracy involving multiple people. I was just trying to decide if I should report you to the FBI or crankdotnet or blackmail you for a piece of the pie (ha). I guess I’ll just chalk it up to the Illuminati for now. :slight_smile:

I think that you might have things exactly backwards as to the “whom.” For now, the word, I reckon, is “Shhhh.”

Capital Pi? White House!!! Get it?

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