which is the better joke

Here’s what I did, I just want to see which version would be funnier. A local Arby’s has crayons and coloring book pictures on the wall that the local kids have drawn on and signed with their names and ages. Kristy age 6; tommy age 8, etc.

So while I was waiting for food, I colored my own and appropriately signed it. Next time I’m there, sure enough with all the kiddies pictures is mine. Sigene age 45.

Now I know this isn’t completely original but I thought it was funny enough. Then I saw one of the other kids had put his age as 8 1/2. Damn…maybe it would have been funnier with the extra 1/2. Now I know brevity is a big part of wit, so I might find “Sigene age 45” funnier, but that extra kick with the age might be better. “Sigene age 45 1/2”

So which is funnier? “Sigene age 45” or “Sigene age 45 1/2”

Well, first of all, congrats on getting your artwork displayed on the wall of a local eating establishment. And it’s definitely funnier with the 1/2.

What would have been even funnier is if you’d written “Sigene age 546 months.” :smiley:

Adding the 1/2 makes it 50% funnier.

Hmmm, I’m thinking it’s a good thing this isn’t even a choice if you ask me. :o

45 is funny. 45 1/2 is funnier though.

The big question is whose was better: yours, Kristy’s, or Tommy’s?

Meh. If I saw it, I’d assume it was done by “an adult in need of supervision”, which is what we call the special-needs kids when they’re technically grown, and their parents need to establish a guardianship.

45 1/2. Specific is always funnier.

“45 1/2” is funnier. But maybe the kid who signed his with “8 1/2” is just a big Fellini fan.

45 1/2 is definitely funnier.
45 3/4 is another option. Funnier, to my mind, as the precision tends to get a little more precise the younger you get…

‘I’m 3 5/8!’
‘I’m 6 3/4!’
‘I’m 8 1/2!’
‘I’m 15…’
‘I’m in my 30s.’
‘I’m a senior!’


Definitely the half. But… you really need to get a “pause” in there somehow.

How old are you, Tommy?
I’m five… and a HALF!!

Old Joke:
Man comes out of prison - and in joy, screams, “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!”
A little girl standing nearby says, “So what…I’m four and a half.”

45 1/2. But only if you actually are 45 1/2. “It’s funny because it’s true.”

“Best if used before December, 2050”

If you have to ask, there’s nothing I can say to help.

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