Which is the most skillful country in the world???

Where do the most skillful sportsman and athletes come from? The most skillful workers? Best lovers?

If you had to give your vote for the country (that based upon your current knowledge, experience and expertise) that produced the most skillful artisans, workers, sportspeople, business entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers etc. which would it be?

Note here that I’m talking strictly about skill - or ability to do a particular task or set of tasks - not attractiveness, muscularity etc.

My vote would go to either Brazil or Spain.

Reasons vary. For example, Brazil produces some mega sports characters, whether they be racing drivers, soccer stars or ultimate fighting champions. However, I’m not particularly certain they (at the moment) have the best doctors, engineers or workpersonnel. But I’m willing to grant leniance because I think they don’t have the economic conditions to prevail in these areas.

Spain would also get a thumbs up. Whenever there is a national interest from the country, you’ll always see a Spaniard in the top three. Just my HO. And having been treated by Spanish doctors who’ve also given me the old immunisation needle up the ass, I have to say I could hardly feel it go in - more than I can say for that crazy Nigerian guy who said he couldn’t find my “Wains” (he was talking about veins).

I was thinking also of Japan, just because they are so widely good at everything, but I think they lose out to the other two.

Whaddya think?