Which is your local news channel?

Your preferred local news broadcast. Not 24-hour news.

Personally: Back home in Kansas City, there is, perhaps surprisingly, an embarrassment of riches in local news. All four of the local news stations (KCTV, KSHB, WDAF, and KMBZ) are fantastic. But if forced to choose, I’d go with the ABC affiliate: KMBZ. Gotta love Bryan Busby and Lenny Dawson.

But I’m living in Philadelphia at the moment, so my vote goes for the local Fox news crew. None of the broadcasts is great in this city, but the Fox guys don’t take themselves too seriously, and don’t jerk me around too much.

You are ungrateful.

Don’t you know that Katie Horner has saved your life many times? :smiley:
Seriously though, I’m like the rest of the lazy couch potatoes and watch whatever local news pops up after the show. Jeopardy determines my 5:00 viewing on the NBC affiliate and 10:00 is usually CBS or ABC.

There is no news on the 10 o’clock news. Well, maybe five minutes of news, at best. The rest is features, weather, sports, attempts at levity, and other trivia. I’m surprised they even call it “the news” anymore.

WGN News at 9 (central).
Mainly because my wife and I both get up really early in the morning and won’t usually stay awake long enough for a 9:00 drama, so we just default to the news. They do have Tom Skilling, though, the best weather guy in the country.

We watch the CBS news at 6 and FOX* at 10.

  • Actually, the FOX station here doesn’t have a news team so the news is actually done by the NBC newscasters. It’s funny to see them mixing up the call signs when they switch over to NBC and redo the same broadcast at 11.

WNYT. They have the best local news broadcast for over 20 years.

TimeWarner Cable has its own local news channel (run, I believe, through the local NBC affiliate) which lacks most of the ACTIONNEWSNOW crap that I normally associate with local news. It’s where I usually turn when I just want to know what’s happening without having to hear that they’ll have more on the story, including interviews with the innocent victims, pie charts, and how it all affects the local weather at 11.

ABC. Most of the network programs I watch are ABC. Now I’m watching some NBC because I’m watching some of the Olympics.

ABC. Most of the network programs I watch are ABC. Now I’m watching some NBC because I’m watching some of the Olympics.

As much as it pains me–but only because the parent company sucks–I only watch the local NBC station for local news. Their website is totally the pits, too - ya gotta actually watch the tv news to really know what is going on. There has been some dirty dealing with some of the older on-air personalities too, unfortunately, but they are still the best local news crew. This is NBC4 in Washington DC and yes, they did George Michael wrong, as well as Susan Kidd.

Currently NBC is winning. If it continues to do so, it belies the whole argument that tanking in prime time decreases news viewership.

Northwest Cable News. It’s local enough.

Dissent: In Portland, I find the FOX affiliate to have the least-moronic local news. The NBC channel wins the most-moronic award.

Our CBS affiliate is probably the best of the local broadcasts (not that it’s stellar in all regards, but it’s not bad most of the time). WBNS 10 TV in Columbus.

NBC’s WILX-10 Lansing-Jackson, MI. The weatherman (Andy Provenzano) is the best in our area. Tim Staudt has been doing the sports since the early 1970s and does a pretty good job with MSU and prep sports. For a mid market station, I think they’re actually not that bad.

I get my news from The Daily Show on Hulu.

BBC News 24.

I don’t watch local news.

Funny, I prefer the CBS station out of DC, though I will watch NBC4 at times. I don’t like the ABC nor Fox stations for my news. I might watch NBC4 if they broadcast in HD, but they don’t which I find strange these days.

Why do they use such unoriginal names? A channel in Ohio when I was a kid called its news program"Action News." I move to Florida, and yep, there was a channel here which also used the same moniker. It changed to something else for c. 20 years or so, but now it’s back to the original nickname.