Do you have a problem with your LOCAL Fox news affiliate? Plus bonus question...

I’m as lefty as they come, and I feel the my local Fox news does a fine enough job.

So my question is, do you folks like your local Fox news? And if not, is it because they tend to too biased? Or do they just suck in general?
Bonus question: My local Fox News has this weird sign off ritual. It goes something like this: "Reporting to you live from Town Square, FOX…[dramatic pause] 4…[dramatic pause]… News…

Do your local guys do that? lol.

Local news is basically indistinguishable among the networks. I’ve never seen any hint of ideological bias. Regardless if it is Fox, NBC. ABC, CBS, or WGN, the news starts off with crime, moves to weather, sports and traffic, and ends with a ‘cute’ puppy story or something similar. I generally avoid it, but not for right wing politics.

Going way back before Fox even existed, my local Fox affiliate had a reputation for covering things like fires, car wrecks and other “visually exciting” stories. That’s carried over quite successfully into their current slogan, “Live, Local and Late-Breaking.”

They also happen to have excellent coverage of local and state politics, thanks to their policy of hiring every reporter who knows politics whenever the other stations decide to cut back. Not to mention the least-annoying weathercasters of our local stations.

Our local Fox and ABC affiliates have merged, so they share the same news team now, but back when it was independent, their news team was pretty good (better, I think, than the ABC affiliate’s). They also had the news at 5 pm and 10 pm, which was nice.

No problem with mine. A few years ago (don’t remember why) they specifically made a big deal about how, even though they are a Fox station they are NOT “Fox News”. They don’t get their stories from Fox, Fox doesn’t tell them how to portray things, etc etc etc. All that being a Fox affiliate means is that they’re on a Fox station and that they show Fox tv shows, but again, they are not Fox News.
I can remember watching the anchor talking about it but I don’t think I could find it online.

My local Fox station is WSVN. It’s the master of the sensationalist news story.
According to Wikipedia:


That being said, they have news on when I want to see it, and the other stations don’t. And a friend of mine is a video editor for them.

I watch it. But if I had a better option, I’d switch. But none of it has to do with politics.

Don’t have cable or an antenna, so I don’t know about my local one. But I’ve seen some okay stuff online. They just seem like any local news program. And, since they have no ties to Fox News, they aren’t remotely like the shows on that channel.

Local Fox affiliates have no connection with the Fox News cable network, other than getting programming.

The Fox affiliate in my area is owned by the same company that owns the ABC affiliate (Sinclair, which has its own problems), but it does get some national stories from Fox News or some other Fox entity that uses the same standards. If you’re not immersed in that world, hearing about a “homicide bombing” really sticks out.

No, it’s one of the two I normally watch, CBS being the other. Every now and again I notice something that’s skewered a bit to the right but it’s not often, my local CBS is definitely towards the liberal side, and it’s much more noticeable.

One of our local weather guys (San Diego area) is a climate change denier, and brings it up whenever he gets a chance.

And that’s the station that isn’t FOX! Go figure!

The Fox station has the best local morning news. They get right to the news, have frequent weather and traffic reports, and keep the chattiness to a moderate level. I much prefer it to the Today show at the same time (too much celebrity noise for that early in the morning). I haven’t seen any “Foxiness” in their news reporting, but I rarely watch their afternoon or evening news.

The local team isn’t too bad for local stuff. We always check in the mornings to see who’s the snappiest dresser of the day. If they happen to mention a national story though, you can always tell that, yep - it’s Fox.

As others have said, Fox cable news and Local Fox affiliates are totally separate. The Local Fox affiliate is no different than an ABC or NBC local affiliate. Their primary function is to air the network’s entertainment programming. They are required by the FCC to air local news and weather too.

Based on my observations, locals news is reported without any political slant. Local stations generally don’t editorialize.

My problem is that they are the only over-air channel that I cannot receive as their tower is too far away or in an odd location. As putting up a large roof outdoor antenna is not feasible, I do without (but don’t watch broadcast anyway).

ETA: I don’t remember but there might be a slant - a left-wing one. IIRC the 10 or 11 o’clock news was San Francisco Fox.

Our local Fox isn’t any worse than the three other local newscasts, except they that use way more “human interest” national packages because…

They have too many newscasts. 4:30-5:00am, 5:00-7:00am, 7:00-9:00am, 9:00-10:00am, 12:00-12:30pm, 5:00-6:00pm, 9:00-10:00pm, 10:00-10:30pm. And yes, they run the back-to-back blocks as separate newscasts.

Our local Fox affiliate apparently doesn’t have their own local news program. I just went through the TV guide for the next two days and it didn’t list any local news program.

Used to love Good Day New York back in the day. Now they have that immasculating biotch and her broham, got-job-through-connections beefy sidekick. Although their take on the chesty weathergirl is original.

That’s all I know about my local FOX news.

Way back when we still watched TV and my wife did her morning routine with the news blaring in the background, I began to notice there was more chatter than news in any given hour and the one male newscaster on FOXLA had a habit of constantly interrupting the two (three?) female newscasters (but they didn’t interrupt him). It all seemed to patriarchal and patronizing and pathetic – though not political. When we moved, I suggested we save money and skip paying for hundreds of TV channels we don’t even watch. Now we just stream some shows and get our news via the Internet.