Which Jane Austen heroine would you marry?

That’s right, I said marry. In Jane Austen’s world, you gotta marry 'em before you get to boink 'em (well, except for Lydia, so we’ll make an exception if you want to go with her ;)).

To refresh, here are the 6 novels, with principal heroines:

Northanger Abbey–Catherine
Sense and Sensibility–Marianne/Elinor
Pride and Prejudice–Lizzie/Jane/Lydia
Mansfield Park–Fanny Price
Persuasion–Anne Elliot

and here is a website with plot summaries if you ned help remembering.

If you only want to marry a heroine as portrayed by a particular actress, that’s ok with me, and I also don’t care if you’re male, female, in between or beyond for purposes of this little exercise.

If I was being “sensible,” I’d go with Lizzie as the smartest, most self-aware of the lot, but my heart is really with Emma. Emma is a younger more-extroverted Lizzie, who also charms by becoming self-aware. Marriage to her would never be dull. Anne, the most mature heroine at 27, is too wimpy for me.

Remember that if you make a mistake, getting a divorce will scandalize us all, so choose wisely!

I’m sure they’d all be quite old by now, so I’m pretty sure that type of relationship wouldn’t be appropriate…

Catherine, hands down. Anyone who reads that much and is still a babe has my vote. :smiley:

What, it has to be a heroine? I wanna marry Mr. Darcy, or else Captain Wentworth. (Pout).

Oh, OK. Elizabeth Bennett for sure.

It would have to be a tie betwn Fanny Price and Elinor Dashwood, both sensible women who use their wits.

Can’t I have a hero instead? I want Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley.

If it must be a heroine, Elizabeth Bennett. Second choice: anyone else except Catherine. Then last, Catherine. I have an extreme (perhaps irrational) dislike of Catherine. I think I may dislike her more than Mrs. Elton.

Emma, or possibly Lizzy for more or less the same reasons as H.Servant.

Although it definintley helps the case having Emma played by Gwennyth Paltrow. Mmmmmmmm. . . .

Oh, all right, we can do heroes, too, but I get first dibs on Mr. Darcy (especially as done by Colin Firth) 'cause it’s my thread!:stuck_out_tongue: Fretful Porpentine has my second choice too in Captain Wentworth–I almost like him better than Anne (as mentioned, I have this dislike for Anne–anyone want to fight about her?).

goboy, I am with you on Marianne; Mansfield Park never got to me the way the other novels did though because I just cannot overcome the fact that Fanny had the hots for her cousin. But if YOU marry her, that problem would be solved for me! Thanks a bunch!

slortar, expand for Kat’s sake on your yen for Catherine, please. I like her almost because she is a lowbrow who likes Victorian-type horror novels, and isn’t afraid to be herself. I’m not sure I’d call her a great reader, but Austen in Catherine gives us a heroine unconcerned with convention, innocent and eager. Not too shabby a choice at all.

Kilt-wearin’ man–since all the heroines we’re considering for matrimony here are fictional, as is the matrimony, I think we’re safe in assuming they’re still young, beautiful and wearing those fetching muslin sprigged empire-waist dresses that push their breasts WAY up. :wink:

Aaack! That’s supposed to be Elinor, of course!

Okay, so she’s kind of soppy and excitable, but the gothic novels make it, in my opinion. She’s one of the few Austen heroines with my abysmal tastes in reading material. :slight_smile: And if one of those long british nights gets dull, I could always spend it amusing myself by driving her into a panic (“Hark! Is that the sound of a tormented soul in the hidden basement below my mansion?”)

Besides, the only other Austen heroine I can remember much of is Emma and I’d probably spend most of my time trying to get her sent off to a nunnery or something.

Lizzie, hands down.

I’ve watched every film/tv adaptation of every Jane Austen book I could get my mitts on. They certainly color how one perceives the book(s) the next time they are read.

One of the BBC productions of Fanny Price RUINED that character for me. Christ that actress was wrong wrong WRONG for that part. She was HATEFUL. WIMPY. I was praying for her to catch consumption. Now, the more recent film version of Mansfield Park is much better. Almost enough to recover it for me, but…

I love Jane Austen, but boy how they all sorta start to run together after a while…

1st choice - Emma. 2nd choice - Eliza Bennett.

Both smart, and funny - an irrestiable combination. Life would be fun with either one. But somehow, Emma just seems that much more alive - perhaps because she’s so self-confident, and so wrong in her judgments, and yet able to recognize that at the end.

Of course, I’m completely happy with my Beloved, so this is all just fantasy. :wink:

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So Cranky, who’s your favorite Lizzie? (And BTW, did you like “Clueless,” based loosely on Emma? I thought that was a hoot.)

It seems kind of odd that several of us have heroines we hate. I can’t stand Anne because she is missing the flaw that makes Austen’s other characters human; and, she’s a wimp (EVEN for an Austen heroine). Cranky doesn’t like Fanny anymore because she was protrayed as wimpy. I’m not sure why Kat doesn’t like Catherine, but she doesn’t. Oh well, at least we care enough to feel strongly.

I asked a friend recently divorced from a lovely, strong-willed extroverted woman which Austen heroine he would marry, and he replied, “I had my Emma. I want my Lizzie now!”

Thanks to everyone for participating on one of my pet topics.

Humble Servant,

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So, I would have to say whichever one was played by Emma Thompson. :smiley:

Mark “frickin” Twain, folks.

But I always called him “Two Fathoms”.