Which letters have the most wear on your keyboard?

I was just noticing that the N and the M on my keyboard have signs of wear–the N is almost totally rubbed off and part of the M as well. What keys are wearing the most on your keyboard? I’m making this a poll so if you don’t see it yet give me a little more time. You can select more than one answer.

I’ve been banging away on this keyboard for nine years, and none of the letters show any wear at all.

The volume knob has gone missing, though.

I’ve never had a keyboard more than three years. Still, I’ve never had a keyboard show letter-wear.

The space bar, for sure.

Several of mine have keys that are much shinier than the others, even if the letters are still intact.

I’ve only used my current keyboard for a couple years but the W and S are starting to wear a bit. My old keyboard I used for more than a decade has the S almost worn off and the A and W starting to wear. Guess I strafe left more than right.

It’s kinda hard to tell which ones are worn… I’ve got a sort of a “Das Laptop” thing going; named after Das Keyboard.

The A and S keys get shiny first and then the print leaves. Often the keyboard is failing by then and I replace it. If the letter is merely getting feint, I use a Sanford Ultra Fine marker to rewrite it. I know where the key is. I just feel comfortable seeing it.

I’ve had this keyboard for three years now and the “N” is down to the left vertical line of the “n”

The “A” key in the lower right is worn a bit too

All other keys are fine.

I just notice my space bar also has noticable wear on it too.

My “A” and my “Enter” are looking a little faded.

My “N” is down to the top-left corner. The “A”, “S”, “D” and “C” keys are also worn from gaming.

Yep. My space bar is the only key with visible wear.

W,A,S, & D, I’m a gamer.

M and M, H and C. The space bar has nothing to wear off so I have no idea if it’s more worn.

I just realized I hover right over that N when I type so maybe I graze it more than I thought. The N is completely gone; the M is almost gone.

The lower right part of my H key is worn away, so it looks like a backwards 4 (an open-top 4, not the kind on this font). I have no idea how it happened; I’m not a touch typist, so I don’t graze over it.

Most of the keys on my keyboard show at least some wear and about half of them are totally blank.

My “L” is completely gone. The “E”, “S” and “N” are unreadable. Also the right side “shift” key is unreadable.

For follks who type in English, I would expect “E” and “S” to be the most used letters.

I think I selected 8 letters (I’m on a laptop). :stuck_out_tongue:

The letters haven’t worn off my keys – it looks like there’s an additional protective layer over them – but the surrounding areas are VERY shiny.

Does keeping your fingers on the middle row of letters make the keys more prone to wear? I’m a pretty fast typer and my fingers barely lift off the keyboard whilst typing.

The middle-right section of my space bar is pretty shiny as well. I actually never noticed till now that I only use my right thumb to press spacebar. :smiley: My right thumb doesn’t touch any keys! Weird.

My “E” is literally gone. It even has some small gouges.
The “R” is a bit banged up.
Everything else looks okay.
Not sure what that means.

This is an easy question - aoeuidhtns, which by no coincidence whatsoever is the home row on a Dvorak keyboard.