Which members of The Grateful Dead are Vegetarian?

Given the fact that their whole culture was the twirling hippie, peace, drugs, vegan thing, which members adhered to that concept as well?

The “hippies” were not a monolithic culture.

Some were into no drugs–some into all of them. Most of them liked one or two.

Back then, vegans were rare. Vegetarians weren’t. But quite a few “hippies” would eat anything they could afford.

Considering that one of the well-known communes of the day, near San Francisco, was the Hog Farm commune I don’t think that there was any particular correlation between hippies, however you define them, and vegetarianism. Granted there were probably quite a few more vegetarians among the counterculture population than elsewhere, they still weren’t so prevalent that you could assume that any member of a band would be vegetarian.

Nor should anyone think that vegetarianism originated with the 1960s counterculture. This picture of early 1900s Los Angeles shows a vegetarian restaurant on the right (scroll about halfway down).

Bob Weir is a vegetarian, as was Jerry Garcia. So is Phil Lesh.

All good points. I should have been more specific. I meant by today’s standards. I actually know quite a few “hippies” by today’s standards from following Phish around when they were still touring and together. I actually played in a jamband. Getting to know these people, a LOT of them are now vegetarian and some full blown vegan. If I had to guess, I’d say 45% of the “hippie” crowd nowadays are vegetarian.

Hell, if you go to a jamband festival nowadays, you’ll see “phatty veggie burito” stands, soy grilled cheese, soy burger stands, soy this and soy that. A LARGE majority of them are veggies.

So, I was wondering about my OP. So, thanks guys ! :slight_smile: Peace, man ! lol

Well, I’ve been called a hippie by several people (both friend and stranger) so I nominate myself as an expert. I’m a meat eater. But I also eat soy products. I like the taste of soymilk. I would agree that there is likely more vegans in a hippie environment than in a regular environment, but I don’t know if I’d put the number as high as 45%. All the "hippies’ I know eat and love meat. Mmmm cowflesh.

As one of Jerry’s favorite dishes was a chili dog and an egg cream, I’d say he came to vegitarianism too late.

Garcia denied being a hippie at one point, IIRC.