Which movie should a 10 y/o see?

I have my 10 y/o nephew for the weekend and I have today off. To pry him away from the XBox I thought I’d take him to a movie this afternoon. The only 2 that look appropriate are Friday Night Lights and Shark Tale.

He lives for football and watches Rudy about once a month. But I’m not sure the movie is going to be tame enough for his age. And Shark Tale may be a bit too tame.

Any suggestions from those who’ve seen FNL?

Avoid it like the plague. I got sick an hour in and had more fun puking than I did watching the movie.

Of course, I’m in the minority as most seem to love it. Hell if I know why though.

Aesiron, you don’t have much luck with movies, do you? Haven’t you posted before about movies you’ve gotten sick during, or am I thinking of someone else?

FNL might be a little too intense for a 10 yo.

Take him to see Benji: Off the Leash! instead.


Same movie, Munch*. I’m just repeating it so that maybe duffer’s nephew can be spared. Of course, Shark Tale looks no better…

*I also got food poisoning from a rancid wrap while watching Eternal Sunshine… at a theatre pub as well but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that on the board.

Well you could take him to see I Heart Huckabee’s.
Seriously, I would suggest Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, even if I didn’t work for the company that released it. (if it is still in a theatre near you.)
Or maybe, you could ask the kid what movie he would like to see.

I’ve seen Sky Captain and loved it! There’s absolutely nothing gory or scary or sexy that would cause any kind of problem – it’s just a really cool action/sci-fi flick. Giant robots! What could be cooler!

twicks, who has no connection with anyone involved in the making or promotion of that movie

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has done film reviewing for decades. On Friday Night Lights:

C’mon… what in Team America: World Police would be inappropriate for a 10-year old?