which movie should I watch?

She had just seen Garden State the other night, so that was out.
I have now gone through all of my unopened movies to make sure their respective discs are present. Note to self: check this immediately the next time you buy a movie.

Shaun of the Dead. Most of the others are good too, but this is a fun one.

By all means, get a refund. Go to Wal-Mart, which has a pretty liberal return policy, or ask the person who gave it to you. But don’t just give up and accept it, especially with such a great movie!

She clapped at the end of Shaun of the Dead. We were both pretty pleased with the movie, it had a couple of moments where we both laughed out loud.

I got it at Target a month or two ago, I’m shameless, so I’ll probably go and see if they can do anything. I mean, that’s such a lame excuse, anyone trying to scam the store could at least come up with something better than that.