which movie should I watch?

Today is my birthday, and I received some dvds as gifts. I also have a habit of going out and buying dvds and not watching them, so I have an assortment of movies that I own, but have never seen. So, which dvd should I watch tomorrow night with my lady friend?

The Iron Giant
Shaun of the Dead
Big Fish
Garden State
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Strange Days

I loved

The Iron Giant
Shaun of the Dead
Big Fish
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

And I haven’t seen the others yet, but I’ve been told by everyone that Garden State is excellent, and I’ll probably love that one too. From what I understand, Garden State and Big Fish might be the best “date” movies of all of them.

Happy birthday, by the way! The people buying you DVDs as gifts have good taste.

Garden State. All other films are inferior.

Garden State is great and a bit on the ‘serious’ side. (though funny as well)
Shaun is just funny but still romantic.
I’m not sure I’d watch Swingers with a girlfriend.

Swingers is absolutely your best choice. All the others (except Garden State, which I have not seen) are pretty darn good but not in the same league as far as I’m concerned.

I wouldn’t say all the other films are inferior, but Garden State is a good choice for Date Night.

Ah, Natalie Portman (not nude, but she does tremble a bit when she gets wet. In the rain, I mean. Get yer mind outta the gutter.)


Garden State if it’s a new ladyfriend.

Swingers if you’ve been dating a while.

I think Big Fish is good for a lady friend.

Let me revise my previous post:

First, The Iron Giant. Actually, a pretty mesmerizing comic book movie that is uplifting and surprised me with being able to tell a story and not coming off too corny for a kid flick.

Then Shaun of the Dead , a quite engrossing zombie flick that was humurous as well as not pretentious. The whole time I was watching this thing, I thought of The Office. It is not quite a horror film and not quite a comedy, but seems to pull of both pretty well. The ending is meh, though.

Big Fish is not all that great, IMHO. Most of its praise derives from the fact that Tim Burton directed it, but I don’t think it comes close to his best work. The tone is the same (think Edward Scissorhands) but the story just isn’t that great and Albert Finney kind of ruins the movie with his saccharine positiveness.
Garden State I haven’t seen although I am a fan of Zach Braff, Sky Captain is banal, AI is Spielberg at his laziest, and Strange Days is alright if you are into sci-fi.

The reason you should watch Swingers is that it is one of those seminal indie/art/fringe films that have changed everything. Think Pulp Fiction, Run, Lola, Run, Suicide Kings, etc. If your tastes run along those lines, you’ll like it.

Yeah, Garden State is a good choice for a date movie. Because next to the main character you couldn’t possibly look like a whiney, complaining, cliche-spouting sissy to your girlfriend.

And she won’t look like a two-dimensional ditz brain to you.

And, it’s a bit of a bring-down.

Watch Swingers or Shaun of the Dead.

You’ll have a couple laughs, a couple things to quote. kspharm is right about Swingers being one of those “seminal” films, but that’s not the reason to watch it. It is still genuinely funny. It has held up well and is quintessential Vince Vaughn.

Shaun of the Dead features two actors from The Office, which may have made you think of it: Lucy Davis as the other girl (not Shaun’s girlfriend), and Martin Freeman in a very small role, as one of the guys traveling in that other party with the woman Shaun knew.

The Iron Giant is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. And it’s a good litmus test to check if she’s actually a vampire, because if she doesn’t like it, then she HAS NO SOUL!!!

I want to point out that the endings of Iron Giant or Big Fish can elicit genuine tears from even the burliest of he-men.

If she goes for that sort of thing, you can’t miss with either of those movies. If she prefers her men to keep their emotions tightly bottled up , watch Swinges. No one cries at the end of that one.

thanks, it was the best ever.

And thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I’m going to go with either Iron Giant or Swingers, depending on how goofy things are going at that point.

I also agree that Iron Giant was good. And if she likes Vin Diesel in that, your next movie can be The Fast and the Furious.

You could possibly mis-step by suggesting a cartoon to your date. You want her to think you’re a soulful cartoon-loving softy, or a swinging dude with bear claws who is money with the beautiful babies? She’s like a bunny, Wolf ISC, and you’re the Wolf, so you got these claws, and you’re looking at your claws. . .

Nobodys next movie should be The fast and the Furious.

I think Aesiron isn’t just saying “all the other films on this list are inferior” he’s saying ALL other films are inferior.

Well, we were going to go with the Iron Giant, tear off the plastic wrap, spend several minutes picking at all three of those damn adhesive strips that hold the case shut, and finally open it to find… a complete absence of disc. Now, I had indulged in a little drink that night, maybe I had just dropped it when I opened the case. We spent ten minutes combing through my room looking for the damn thing before realizing that it wasn’t there. Never was.

We ended up watching Shaun.

Yes. Exactly.