Which NFL players BELONG in the HOF even if they NEVER play another game?

I voted for Peyton Manning, Brady, Brees, Farve, Tony Gonzales and Randy Moss as no doubt, first ballot guys. There are plenty of others in the poll that I think get in, but are more debatable, and may not make it on the first ballot…

I’m a Pats fan, so perhaps my opinion is a bit skewed here, but I would be extremely surprised if Bill Belichick isn’t a first round HOF’er. I think he’s the best coach of the current generation.

I would have voted for Randy Moss if the choice had been there when I voted, and probably Urlacher as well.

Pleasantly surprised by the support for Edgerrin James. For me, the PFHOF is primarily about players who were at some point the best at their position. Everyone seems to forget that James was the best tailback in football from the moment he was drafted (with the possible exception of Marshall Faulk). He probably would have remained so if not for the 2001 injury, and was still a very effective all-round back afterwards.

Kind of shocked by the lack of love for Ronde Barber. He’s the best cover 2 corner of all time, and it’s not close. Even if he was merely close, his consecutive game streak is far more impressive than Favre or anyone else’s.

Not shocked by the lack of love for John Lynch. That dude was hugely overrated, and I say that as a Bucs fan.