Which of the Best Director Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

Cameron, Reitman, and Tarantino have all been nominated once before in this category, with Cameron winning (Tarantino also has an Oscar, but for writing).

Bigelow is only the 4th woman ever nominated in this category, and Daniels only the second African-American. This is the first nomination for each.

I haven’t really liked much about Tarantino since Pulp, but I think his work was certainly the best directing. Not that Basterds was the runaway best picture, but I think you could have had someone else direct any of the other nominees, and made substantially the same film. If anyone else had directed Basterds, it would have been a vastly different movie. So I voted for Tarantino.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Bigelow win. She’s a close second. Her film was wonderful, and I like the idea of history being made.

I have not seen Reitman’s film, sadly, but I love his two previous offerings. He has a slightly distinct voice, but I am not sure it as unique to Up in the Air as Tarantino’s was to Basterds. If any of the above three won, I would be pleased.

Daniels should not have been nominated. The movie was good, but it was despite Daniels’ direction. Mo’Nique and the girl who played Precious saved the film. Mariah Carey, too surprisingly.

Cameron was deservedly nominated because Avatar is an impressive feat, but the film is not that good IMHO, and Spielberg could have done it just as well (of course, if I need to drop in Spielberg, maybe that is Oscar worthy praise!) This film is worthy of all the FX and sound awards, but nothing else.

I voted for Tarantino, but that’s the “He’s a god/can do no wrong/love everything he does/love him/love the movie” besotted fangirl clicking the mouse. I hope Bigelow wins, because she deserves the win just as much as Tarantino, and it would make history. I would not be upset if Cameron won. I have a much higher opinion of Avatar than either of you, and it was an incredible directorial feat to pull it all off.

The nominations are Reitman and Daniels’ reward.

I think Reitman will win in the next five to ten years. He’s got the goods. I don’t think Daniels will ever be nominated again.

I agree about Reitman. He’s made 3 movies and all 3 have been winners. He’s very young and has a blindingly bright career ahead of him. He’ll get an Oscar one day.

Daniels, maybe not. Maybe he’ll surprise us now that he has some clout, who knows? I liked Precious but yeah, it was mainly about the power of the acting. However, the director directed those powerful acting performances so he does have talent.

I’d vote Cameron. It’s not because I’m a blind, uncritical cheerleader for Avatar. It has its faults. But given the challenge he took on, given the sheer amount of work and effort involved in bringing this film to completion, given the amount of technical innovation needed to shoot it, and given the success with which he brought his personal vision to the screen, I’d day he’s done more to deserve the statue than any of the others.

Agreed about the performances. He certainly gets credit. I think he’ll be a much better director if learns to trust (or manage) his cinematographer/cameramen. The choices he made with the camera were what made me notice his direction while at the theater; which is rarely a good thing…

I don’t think Avatar is the best film (not nearly) but I think the overall achievement - from a technical as well as storytelling perspective - edges out the other directors. Avatar is really a watershed-type film; it’s going to have the impact in moviemaking that Star Wars did (another movie with groundbreaking special effects but derivative plot and weak dialogue).

So just like I thought Jackson deserved best director for LOTR trilogy despite it not really being the best film of the year, I would give Cameron the nod here but vote for a different best picture.

But isn’t that more of a testament to Producing rather than Directing?

I’m probably the guy people rant about when they say that the Oscars award films that no one but film nerds want to see.

But I’d rather praise a director or picture that made a great film for 20 million than one who made a pretty film for 300 million.

No ranting from me… I’m a movie snob too; I went to film school for heaven’s sake. I love well made little movies. I won’t be at all upset if Bigelow or Tarantino, or Reitman, win. I’m just saying my vote would go to Cameron this year for the scope of his achievement.

I still hope we can all agree I am a pretentious douche!:smiley:

While I don’t think Avatar should even be nominated for best picture, I recognize what it took to pull it all together. Cameron deserves credit for that.