Which of the other admins are immune?

The claim in this post is that “there are aspects of administering this message board that nobody except TubaDiva knows how to do.”

Which of the other admins are above losing their admin rights for the same reason?

Look who made the claim. For the claim to be viable all he has to do is demonstrate that he knows what he’s talking about. How, pray tell, is that possible for a brand-spanking-new member?

In other words, he’s got nothing. Why do you people buy into this stuff so hard?

I have great doubts about that statement, at least as it applies to administering the board software.

Even if it happens that there are functions TD serves that other admins haven’t got around to learning, the fact is that someone else could learn those functions (and IMHO, it wouldn’t take all that long to learn them).

There are several message-board admins among the SDMB membership (Una Persson and OpalCat off the top of my head) that could lend experience to any SDMB admin that needed some assistance with board software.

Why don’t you consider the source.? He also made this claim. Why do believe **Blue Ruin ** knows fuck all about the administration of the boards?

Am I the only guy who’s a little suspicious of any guests with “Blue” in their username these days?

Did this really need to spill over into another thread? The existing thread is already one more than necessary.

You know, if some group of customers came to me and insisted on understanding my employment practices because they had a gripe with an employee, I’d listen to what they had to say, and then adjourn telling them the ultimate outcome was a private matter. If they tried to exert control, customer or no, I’d tell them to pound sand. Only at the SDMB do the ‘customers’ feel they are owed complete and utter transparency, and say in who’s hired and fired.

Wasn’t he banned? Oh wait…wrong “Blue”. :dubious:

TubaDiva acted on an unverified accusation and that started this mess.

Why should I not believe his claim?


Your logic is…unusual…

It seems that the burden of proof is on him. He claims to have inside information about how decisions are made at an administrative level. He has provided no evidence for this. Unless you are willing to believe *anyone * who makes such a claim and cannot substantiate it, why would he have any more standing than any other monkey with a keyboard? He has also admitted toinsulting people just for the hell of it. Once again, consider the source. What is it about this poster that fosters such confidence in you?

Your claim is that TubaDiva acted on an accusation that you don’t believe has been proven, and thus, as a result anything bad that anyone says about her is true?

Tell me more about how your logical system works - I’m curious!

I have never referred an administrative matter to Blue Ruin. Neither have I received administrative instructions from Blue Ruin.

No. She acted on an uncorroborated accusation and people are defending her for doing it. So why are some of the same people defending her now critizing me?

Uncorroborated? Care to explain what you mean?

You are being criticized for making unwarranted assumptions. You are being further criticized for appealing to the authority of a poster who has distinguished himself by his assholery and little else. It has nothing to do with TibaDiva and eveything to do with your faulty logic.

Because I like banana pudding.

haHA! Two can play at this non sequitur game, and three’s a crowd!


Why don’t you and this other fucknut email each other and discuss this at length! As a “charter member” you must know all the details by now. And I know that other asshole knows, he helped perpetuate this whole mess in the first place!

Fuckin’ dickwad! He gives new members a bad name. I hope the two of you will be very happy!
Ignorance can be cured…Stupidity is terminal!

Who are you, gommsn, and what is your stake in this?


I kid, I kid!

Just a guy who’s really stretching it right now to maintain some faith in a few select members of this board. ( present company excludedDaniel . I.m just waiting for my guest status to change. Waiting on PayPal! But I’ve been watching and reading and I hope you guys drive that assholeBR out of here. :wally No! Wait! That would be giving :wally 's a bad name!

I have offered my help with security and layout and other items I cannot discuss numerous times in the past. My help is sometimes accepted; I will not post on the instances or frequency.

Running a message board doesn’t have to be technically hard work for the most part. The software is intended for use by the average teen chat whore, after all, and can be set up with no training or instruction reading whatsoever.

What’s hard are handling the interpersonal issues. “Someone said something about someone else and can you please check their past 2000 posts to see if that establishes a pattern of abuse”, etc. sort of things.

On here, TubaDiva spends a lot of time dealing with the interpersonal issues behind the scenes, and she does other work content-related work as well for the site and the Reader. Without going into details, the interpersonal issues are greatly magnified here:

  • Even on a slow day traffic here is very high - 3000-5000 or more posts per day.

  • The SDMB is public and mostly unrestricted, and while there are an enormous number of fine individuals here who never have any complaints, there are a large number of people who have complaints or issues. Sometimes the complaints are just a misunderstanding or misinterpretation, but it still bears looking into.

Each complaint can easily eat up 15 minutes to an hour of time. Just yesterday someone on my place complained about someone else’s post, and I’ll outline the time it took to deal with it:

30 seconds to read their PM

2 minutes to read the thread in question to see what the situation was leading up to it

10-12 minutes to read several past threads where both people in question had posted on opposite sides of issues and argued

1 minute to compose a PM to the complainant explaining that I was concerned and looking into it.

1 minute reading and answering a PM from another Admin

1 minute for another PM exchange back and forth

and at that point, I bowed out and let the other Admin handle it because I sensed a conflict of interest on my part could have been perceived, and I felt it was not honourable for me to comment. So add 30 seconds for another PM expressing that to all parties.

As a result, there were about 16 minutes spent to handle a single report of a single bad post, and I didn’t even actually do any Admin action. The other Admin may have spent an equal amount of time in their effort; I didn’t ask them.

Now think of all the times that “report this post to Moderator” gets clicked, as well as e-mails, ICQs, IMs, and other things sent on the SDMB, each and every day.

A person may not see it because when they have an interaction with the SDMB Staff, they may only have 2 or maybe 3 e-mail exchanges. But how many other Board Members also mailed that person that day?

There’s a lot of work. At just 20 offenders per day you’re up to 5 hours, assuming 15 minutes spent per offense. Divide it by 10 Staff online on that day and it’s still half an hour a day average. But the Admins get an unfair portion of that work, so say maybe an hour a day per Admin at 20 reports/incidents/bad posts per day.

Now think of the days when a thread explodes here, and people are clicking “report this post” like they’re freaking playing Diablo.

Despite the frequent comments to the contrary, there is some serious work running the SDMB. Because I don’t have 1/1000 the problems of the SDMB, I can spend time enjoying my place and contributing and creating content. You wonder why TubaDiva doesn’t post anything but Admin stuff? It’s because she doesn’t even have the time to enjoy the SDMB, and be part of the community. She used to when it was a smaller, better-behaved place, but not for a very long time.