Which of the Supporting Actor Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

This is Damon and Harrelson’s first recognition in this category, but they have one lead actor nomination each in their past (and Damon has an Original Screenplay Oscar as well).

This is the first nomination for the other three.


I was a bit underwhelmed by The Messenger overall, but really liked Harrelson’s performance. So I give him the nod.

It’s surprising how many of the nominated films I’ve not seen. Time to update my Netflix queue.

Waltz just owned every scene he was in.

Waltz in a landslide. None of the others need to bother showing up.

Really no competition here. Waltz gave one of the greatest performances in the history of film.

Aside from Waltz, I think it’s a pretty weak field. I didn’t see Lovely Bones but I actually thought Tucci was very, very good in Julie and Julia.

I think Matt Damon should have been nominated for The Informant!.

Waltz was excellent; the rest of this field is fine but not spectacular. Waltz in a landslide.