Which of the Best Actor Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

This is the 3rd nomination in this category for Freeman. He has 5 total career nominations and has won once for Supporting Actor.

This is the 2nd nomination in this category for both Bridges and Clooney. Bridges has 5 total career nominations and has never won. Clooney has 3 acting nominations (out of 5 total) and has an Oscar for Supporting Actor.

This is the first nomination for the other two.

I had to vote for Jeff. He can’t lose. Seriously, that would be an upset of epic proportions. If there were an upset, I’d be happy with anyone else, except Freeman. He shouldn’t have been nominated IMO. Yes he was good, he always is, but he didn’t have to do much except play Morgan Freeman with an accent. I never got the feeling that I was watching Nelson Mandela. It was always, Morgan Freeman with an accent playing someone named Nelson Mandela.

Freeman stole a spot that could have gone to Sam Rockwell in Moon, Ben Foster in The Messenger or Sharlto Copley in District 9, for starters. Not that it’s Freeman’s fault, but oh, I’d be upset if he won.

Love Clooney, love Firth, love Renner, would love to see any of them win if Bridges didn’t. But Bridges will win. The moon will rise, the sun will set (ok, depending on where you are and the time of year), gravity exists, and Jeff Bridges will win the Oscar.

I just want to know why Christophe Waltz is not a best actor nominee? He was unquestionably a primary character in IB and it was one of the most brilliant performances I’ve ever seen.

Clooney and Firth were both fantastic (although Clooney was… Clooney. He doesn’t exactly get lost in the role).

But having just seen Crazy Heart this weekend, it’s Bridges all the way.

Waltz is nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.

I haven’t seen Crazy Heart, but it sounds like Bridges is pretty much a lock. Otherwise I’d give it to Renner.

Interesting idea. It might have made sense – he’s not the “main” character, but since it’s something of a disjointed ensemble, there’s probably nobody who gets much more screen time. But it’s not really a leading role – Landa doesn’t have any sort of heroic journey and doesn’t grow (or fail to grow) due to the events of the film, which is what you expect from the lead role. He is who he is throughout.

On the practical side of things, I assume Waltz got the supporting actor nod for the same reason Samuel L. Jackson got it for Pulp Fiction, in which he was indubitably the lead role (even though Travolta had much more time on screen) – Harvey Weinstein ran a publicity campaign telling people to vote for him for Best Supporting.


I’m pretty confident Jeff Bridges will win and that won’t bother me much at all, but my ranking would be:

Freeman (Have not seen)