Which of the Visual Effects Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

Two of the Avatar nominees were previous winners for King Kong, Forrest Gump and The Lord of the Rings films.

The Star Trek nominees consist of people who were previously nominated for Transformers, Harry Potter and the winning Benjamin Button.

All of the District 9 nominees are being recognized for the first time.

Avatar. I don’t even think this award is really in contention, Avatar is such a lock.

Gotta be Avatar.

District 9 had good effects, and I didn’t see Star Trek, but I imagine it did, too. But Avatar had phenomenal, game-changing effects. I can’t see any comparison.

District 9 did amazing things for far less money than Avatar, but Avatar changed the game with effects that were even more amazing. In most other years, I’d vote District 9, but not this year.

Avatar, hands down. I agree with HookerChemical - Avatar was a game-changer

Avatar, duh. Those votes for the other movies are just “Avatar will win anyway, so I’m going to support this movie I love” votes. I voted for Avatar, but I almost went for District 9 just for that reason. I absolutely LOVE that D9 got in over movies like Transformers and 2012. That nomination is the highest honor of any of the Oscar nominations, in any category.

Not true at all. While there were undoubtedly some impressive things about Avatar, there were also huge swaths of it that felt like I was watching one big cartoon. No doubt, a very expensive and meticulously rendered cartoon, but a cartoon none-the-less. This was particularly true of most of the middle third of the film. So while much of it was pretty or visually striking, it never completely felt “real”.

And while the 3D may be “revolutionary”, the best thing I can say about it is that I was very gratified I didn’t walk out with a splitting headache. For my money, the 3D in Coraline was used more artfully and to better story-telling and thematic effect.

No doubt, the biggest thing on its side was the performance-capture component, but none of the characters, as lovingly crafted as they were, had the emotional impact or complexity of Gollum.

District 9, on the other hand, had to maintain an impeccable sense of photo-realism throughout, especially as to not undermine the handheld verite style that was a vital aspect of that film’s effectiveness. And it did it seamlessly and masterfully, and for a fraction of the cost. For my money, as impressive an achievement.

There’s always a temptation in these categories (which the Academy often succumbs to) to equate Biggest with Best. And there’s no doubt that Avatar had the Biggest effects and the Most as well. But Quantity doesn’t always equal Quality. And for the record, I certainly don’t think it’s undeserving in its inevitability in this category (though this Biggest/Most tendency will probably also win it Oscars in other categories that I don’t think it deserves at all).

But if you had to ask me which film was most effective in impressing me with creating an environment so convincing that I forgot I was watching visual effects in the first place, I’d have to go with District 9. On its merits, not just my sympathy.

Got to agree with Archive Guy.
Avatar was eye candy but I still never bought it as a real place. Very artificial, cartoony, and too perfect. For a jungle I never saw anyone get dirty.
District 9 though blended the F/X with real people and places so seamlessly I couldn’t guess what was props, models, puppets, CGI.

District 9 has suburb VFX.

Avatar is on a whole 'nuther level.

Avatar will take it… no question.

Teh special effect that did bug me in District 9, however, was when they sot people with those alien guns and the people disintigrated. I dunno what there was about it, but it didn’t seem the highest quality. Jjust my opinion of course.

I did buy it as a real place, but only because of the 3D / spectacle combination. I’d still vote for Avatar, even though District 9 impressed me a lot.

In terms of what I think is deserving of an award, Avatar is ahead. What they did is game-changing and therefore award-winning. In terms of who is deserving of more work, please please please, it’s District 9. What they achieved is accessibility to what is sometimes thought of as an arcane and tricky art, and therefore will encourage low budget filmmakers.


Still Avatar. :wink:

This is one of my favorite categories, because it’s one that films which normally wouldn’t be caught dead on the best picture nominee list (this year being an exception) can actually get legit praise in. I just wish that this category (and other similar categories) got more respect from the general public. I’ve heard people say that winning the oscar for best visual effects does not count as being an Oscar winning movie. Yes, Pirate of the Caribbean won an Oscar! So did The Matrix.

Also, bear in mind that the criteria being judged in this category is something (scenery, characters, etc) within the film which DOES NOT EXIST IN REAL LIFE being created for a film. Part of the magic of seeing certain films is new worlds which you could not visit in ours, but which feel real when watching, or characters like the newest King Kong or the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park being protrayed as real life beings. This is a huge part of the reason that movies are made, and this category definitely deserves more respect. I was beyond amazed when I first watched Lord of the Rings actually seeing Middle Earth being properly brought to life, in a way so close to how I pictured it in my head when I read the books, and sure enough, it won this award for all 3 parts.

Anyway, Avatar is a shoe-in. This is one award it unquestionably deserves. The best thing about that film, and what is probably the most memorable aspect, is the Planet Pandora, and the smurf species with the USB-port braids.

Really? I thought Weta had a hand in it?

Anyway, If *Avatar *didn’t exist, *D9 *would definitely get my vote - lovely look & feel to it, plus, you know, South Africa. But *Avatar *was just that much better than anything before it.

…for you. Some Academy voters may be like you, others may be like me - I’m well aware of uncanny valley effects, I look out for things like bad CGI, and I found the film immersive.

Once again, others may disagree - I found the 3D was artfully used to increase immersion, not create spectacle. Which is as it should be.

*District 9 *is certainly deserving of recognition - it’s a wonderful achievement, I hope it does win a slew of awards - but like I said, for this one, Avatar is more of a landmark. There’s nothing new about integrating live and CGI the way D9 does it. But the way *Avatar *does it? It’s new, in a way the *LOTR *films were.