Which of these challenges would you do for a million $$?

I’d have a 0% chance of success at the first and third options, and a 0.01% chance of no fumbles. So I guess that one.

Do I have to put up money to play? If so, I’d have to sit it out.

I think it is extremely unlikely that I could be successful at any of those challenges for 24 hours.

If I have to choose among them, I choose the typos one, but only because I could attempt not to type for 24 hours. [Note that I have made multiple typos in this post that I have corrected, so I’ve already failed that one.]

Hey, I’ve got a million dollars coming my way; I can hire a guy to type for me.

I’ll take ‘No Forgetting’ because the typos on the comprehensive lists I’ll write won’t matter, nor will anyone care when I drop them four times before they make it to wherever I’m putting them so I won’t forget.

…will that transfer be in a lump sum, or instalments Grrr!…?

How would you define a typo? If you misspell something or make a grammatical error but still type what you intended to does that count as a typo? What if you type something correctly but the autocorrect changes what you typed to something incorrect? Either way, I think that’s the one I would go for.

The typo is defined in the OP as “the second your finger hits the wrong key” - but does not specify how much the person sitting beside you is paid to oversee that. There is no mention of an installed program to do the dirty work and we’ll therefore assume that’s not an option.

The good news is that people can be easily persuaded with the right percentage of a million bucks, so that’s the important part of how a typo would be defined.

No Fumbles.

No fumbles. Maybe…

No forgetting - sort of depends. Not forgetting keys, wallet or getting something from the store is no problem. Appointments, no problem. Can’t remember ever forgetting that stuff. But I do ‘forget’ THE date. Just don’t pay attention to what day of the of the month it is. I do know that I have a meeting on Thursday and a Dr. appointment a week from tomorrow.