Which of these challenges would you do for a million $$?

Each challenge lasts for one year in duration:

No Typos: It’s not enough that you proof read your material and correct all your typos before hitting send. No, the second your finger hits the wrong key, you’ve lost.
No Fumbles: No spilling of drinks, no drooping pencils, no stubbing of toes on bedposts… The list goes on, but we’ll allow typos.
No Forgetting: No forgetting your wallet, no forgetting where you put your car keys, no forgetting to pick up that gallon of milk on your way home from work, etc…

I’d be willing to try any of those. The no fumbles is the only one I’d have a chance at though. (corrected about 4 typos in this post already).

Fumbles, just maybe. But I’ll bet against it.

Anyway, what’s the time frame? Ten minutes, ten hours, ten years?

The time frame is right there in the OP. :slight_smile: (One year)

So for a year I won’t type.

No fumbles is the only thing I would have a chance at. I am reasonably nimble, but might get tripped up (pun intended) due to some neurological problems I am having.

I would go down in flames fast with the no typos challenge. My work involves a LOT of typing, with a strong preference for fast with typos rather than slow and precise.

And what was the other one? Uh… I forget. Probably couldn’t do that.

I wouldn’t make it two days in any of those challenges.

No Typos is easiest. Avoid any typing technology for 1 year.

I would have to quit my job which isn’t worth risking for a million. I would certainly have to give up my phone since my fat thumbs made 10 typos just on this post.

Would that be a viable option though?

My job requires that I type. Plus I’d hate not being able to use the internet for a year. (Although, I’d probably do it for a million dollars.)

Typos! Peice of cake.

I’d be willing to try any of those. Of course, for a million dollars I’d also be willing to try to surpass the speed of light or travel backwards through time - with an equal chance of success.

Well, i may as well just admit failure now.

Dyslexia makes it hard not to do a typo, even voice recognition screws that up a lot

I can not do anything clumsy, then i can not get out of bed, then i starve and do not live to collect

And not forgetting anything, nope that wont work either, if it is something of no importance, yea it will get forgotten sometimes purposely

Can we have a 3rd category?
For 1 year i will not accidentally swallow any fish hooks, draino, or mothballs ?

I have never forgotten my keys or wallet or anything like that. I almost remember things like, “Stop at the bakery and pick up a baguette” but if a million bucks was in play I would be extra careful to not forget and I think I could pull it off. Typing without a typo is impossible for me and I do stumble a bit (a lot more than I used to).

I’m pretty good at not forgetting things, so I’d probably pick that. It would only take a little bit of effort to make sure I didn’t mess that up. Though the brain can be randomly uncooperative sometimes.

You’ve already lost.

I would definitely quit my job and all typing technology for a year for $1 million. At my current salary that’s more than I’d earn in twenty years.


I think the typoes one is the only one possible, and it would indeed mean avoiding any typing the entire time. You will make mistakes, as we aren’t machines. And you have to forget things as its how your brain works. It doesn’t have infinite storage.

Typos – no chance. Nor forgetting I would win most years but I am getting older after all. No fumbles is another story; that I could do.