spelling erors :)

I type quickly when I post here and elsewhere. I always have at least 3 errors no matter how short the comments. Letters juxtaposed. Does this indicate dsylexia or just that I never learned typing properly, though I took it in school? Yes, I will slow down from now, but was wondering if this happens to everyone else.

If you slow down, do you spell correctly?


Firefox has a built-in spellchecker. When I have to use Explorer for work applications I usually forget that my typing is not being spell-checked. :smack:

All the time. It happens more on some keyboards than others. I constantly mistype apostrophes, and that;s a big problem.

My typos tend to come in 3 varieties, not counting plain bad spelling:

*Fat fingers. Sontimes I;ll just miss the keys

*Right letters, wrong order. My own personla from of dyslxai.

*Typing a completely different word than I intended. My brain thinks one thing, my fingers type something elephant.

Most of these could be solved if I just slow down. I use the backspace key all the time.

Be careful of that. The other day I send a work e-mail where I accidentally changed one letter in a word and it changed the complete meaning of the message. It was something like “I could use you for leverage” but instead I typed “loverage.” Except what I changed it to was another legitimate word, so spell check didn’t catch it. Good thing I did.

Ah, spell check. I love that thong.

Like tdn my brain substitutes ‘sounds like’ words. Rather than elephant I would have typed elf for else. It can be embarrassing and amusing.

It doesn’t help that the semi-colon is where my hands really want the apostrophe to be. They are constantly mistyped by me.

The other thing that causes constant typos by me is the speed at which I type. I type as I think and if I get distracted…

I find that it happens all the time, as my coordination between my hands has never been great. But I still type faster if I just go ahead and let the mistakes happen and fix them as I go. That’s not supposed to work, but I have to slow down tremendously to completely avoid mistakes, and I will often miss mistakes if I just keep going, even with the red squiggly.

Oh thank God - I thought I was the only one with these afflictions.

BTW (and I apologize in advance), did you hear about the insomniac agnostic dyslexic? He would lie awake all night wondering if there really was a Dog.

It happens to me all of the time. It’s a combination of fat fingers and mixing the order of letters. And most of the time I don’t catch them until I hit “Submit.” Then I edit it if it’s within the five minute window. Grrrr!

I’m a horrible typist, so it happens to me CONSTANTLY!

I’ve never learned typing, but I have used keyboards for so long I pretty much know where all the letters are, even though I still need to look at the keyboard as I type.

I’m not as fast as a touch-typist, though, but that also means (from my experience) I make less typos than they do.

At least, that used to be the case, but as time has passed my rate of errors has increased, and I make more typos due to my fingers going faster than my accuracy can cope with.

It’s got nothing to do with dyslexia. Dyslexia can lead to problems writing, but if you don’t have problems reading, you’re not dyslexic. It’s one of those words whose roots spell out their meaning, being a neologism: “dys” bad “lexia” reading. Dyslexic is “one who reads badly”.

I tend to flip letter order, ending up with something like “lettre” for “letter”, but it’s not a graphics-processing problem like dyslexia would be, it’s a “my fingers do what I tell them to do and not what I want them to do” problem.