Anybody else a dyslexic typer?

I write for a living and consider myself a good speller. However, when I’m typing there are certain words that I consistently misspell, in spite of the fact that I know how they are supposed to be spelled, and in each case the problem is caused by reversing cetain letters of each word.

So, for instance, I invariably type “particualr” instead of “particular” and “unfortuantely” instead “unfortunately” (unless I consciously make an effort to get them correct). I’d think I was simply a bad typer, but as I said it only happens with a few select words.

I’ve set up the “quick correct” option of my word processor to automatically fix these words when I type them, but it bugs me that I make the same mistakes over and over again in the first place. And it’s very frustrating when my brain tells my fingers to type one thing, but my fingers decide to type something else instead.

Anybody have this problem, i.e., consistently reversing letters in certain words (and only those words) when typing them, even though you know how the words should be spelled? Any thoughts as to why this happens to me?


I am

the is hard for me, comes out hte

Thank God for preview!

United is “untied”. Untied Airlines. Must’ve typed it a hundred times.

Dyslexics of the world, untie! Now is teh time to come togehter and support each otehr!

Seriously… I get pretty dyslexic on the keyboard at times. Spell-check is firmly engaged in the “on” postion in Word and Outlook, yet sometimes I really get it confuzzled.

Back in the old DOS days I typed CPOY instead of COPY often enough that I finally made a batch file called CPOY to do my copying.

Maybe it is caused by typing too fast. There are a few words that get jumbled on me, too. I often turn subject into sujbect.

Yup, me too. “Teh” for “the” is one of my most common.

For me, it seems to happen more when I’m composing when I type, rather than when I’m touch-typing text that I’m looking at. I’ve never figured out why that is.

I was once a Diocesan spelling bee champion (went to Catholic school), and I freely admit that I cannot type. I can spell words out loud without thinking about it, but I cannot ever get them right in an e-mail. I seem to have the most trouble with words over 2 syllables, although I don’t entirely know why either. “Because” always comes out “ebcuase.” Also, words that end in “-ly” seem to end in “-yl” when I type them. When people are (rudely) looking over my shoulder and they see me spell something incorrectly, I usually tell them that my brain works faster than my fingers, so I can’t keep up with myownself.

Or, “my spelling isn’t bad, it’s just typed that way.”

I spell my own name wrong - I’m actually thinking of using Sysab as my username on different forums, because half the time that’s what I type first.


wow! I have used that term for myself hundreds of times!

Although I must say that I tend to disagree with the term dyslexic…when I see the word, I do recognize the problem…at worst it is a typing problem. Whereas dyslexics would not recognize their mistakes even upon re-reading.

My biggest problem is the word “from” which I often misspell as “form” and it never gets caught by the spell checker

By far, that is my most common typo. In the last sentence, I wrote “si” instead of “is”, and had to correct it.

I CONSTANTLY type in “jsut” for “just”…especially in IM’s…I don’t bother to correct it anymore, I figure it’s close enough.

Antoher (swear to god, that’s waht came out, let me just go ahead here) thing I do is break words wrong – sot hat words sometimes end up, well, wrong.


“Wierd” for ‘weird’.

All the time.

teh, waht, jsut I do all of these. Also wuold insted of would.
what really bugs me is when my timing gets off and I place the space between words on letter too late, usally a T as in
Whatt he hell.

Amen! as the inhabitants of #Straightdope can attest, I am a chronic dyslexic typist. In my case it comes from never having learned to type, coupled with trying to type faster. I am getting better but I really need to work on using the “home row” method to train myself as I currently use about five fingers to do almost all my typing.

My nemesis is environmental. It comes out in a wide variety of spellings: envioronmental, envrionmental, envirionmental, etc. This is particularly annoying since I work for an EPA type agency and use the word environmental in almost every e-mail I write.

Also also comes out aslo frequently.

Well, this probably happens to me because I am not a touch-typer and tend to type faster than I should at times. What’s weird, however, is that while I am prone to making a myriad of random typos, they are usually just that – random … with the exception of those few words mentioned above that I always mistype unless I stop and think about them as I type. And I always mistype them in exactly the same way.

Why is it that I can type “floccinaucinihilipilification” 10 times out of 10 without making a typo, and yet I always mispell unfortuantely and particualr? It’s not like I think the words are actually pronounced that way, and they certainly look wrong on the screen as soon as I type them. And yet, time after time after time, that’s what my fingers do when I try to type them. It’s like my fingers have gotten into a rut somehow.


I always seem to type “filed” for “field”