Which of these do you think will still be around in 10 Years?

Which of these do you think will still have careers or pop cultural currency of any kind and which do you think will be totally “where are they now/has beens” (if human) or “I think my dad mentioned something about that once” (if not human). Assume the individuals are all still alive and we’re not the vassals of mutated Earthworms from Bellatrix IX. Please feel free to add your own as well as comment.

Paris Hilton

STAR TREK (any incarnation)


Rosie O’Donnell

Donald Trump

Harry Potter

Justin Timberlake

Angelina Jolie

Reality Television


Fundamentalist Islam

Christian Right as a major political influence

Still a beloved part of the geek universe
Business executive, yes – media titan, no
Small but steady sales
The Mia Farrow of the new millenium
Still around
Not major, but still an influence

Paris Hilton - How long do most Famous For Being Famous people last in the public eye? She should be a was by that time.

STAR TREK (any incarnation) - Alive and well. Internet, books, new movie, continuing fan interest… what’s not to love? :dubious:

Sanjaya - DEAD!

Rosie O’Donnell - DEAD!

Donald Trump - DEAD! (after serving in some public office)

Harry Potter - Will be the new Star Trek for today’s geeks and kids. Perhaps a new generation at Hogwarts?

Justin Timberlake - He actually has a little talent. I see a morphing, but still around

Angelina Jolie - Around but irrelevant

Reality Television - Alive and well. Look for even more intrusion into popular entertainment, perhaps with sex!

CNN - Reorganized and non mainstream, but flourishing.

Fundamentalist Islam - Will supplant the Communist Block as the real rival to America. (Not that the Communist Block even really exists anymore, but you get the point)

Christian Right as a major political influence - Either killed off completely or even more influence. hard to tell. Magic 8-Ball says: “UNCLEAR”

Paris Hilton - will be a has-been by next year – unless she does more “accidental” porn or kills someone while driving stoned on a suspended license.

STAR TREK (any incarnation) - will remain legend.

Sanjaya - Who? Oh, this year’s more successful William Hung. He’ll be a memory by next year’s AI, never mind 10 years.

Rosie O’Donnell - regrettably, will probably still be around in one form another. Possibly as a senator.

Donald Trump - will still be a billionaire, probably have gone through three more wives and twenty or thirty billion, and will probably restructure the Manhattan skyline.

Harry Potter - will be arrested for DUI and/or substance abuse.

Justin Timberlake - will follow the likes of Dustin Diamond into the realm of Stars Who Faded Into Obscurity Only To Return For All The Wrong Reasons.

Angelina Jolie - will finally own a complete collection of the Franklin Mint’s International Orphans.

Reality Television - Unfortunately, yes.

CNN - Yes.

Fundamentalist Islam - Yes. You are a Zionist infidel to even question the will of Allah. Beheadings to all who oppose! But first we have pie.

Christian Right as a major political influence - Hard to say – but probably.

Paris Hilton
either will totally self-destruct or may actually get act together & become a force
for good

STAR TREK (any incarnation)
never forgotten, probably a couple more revivals in the next decade

disappears totally by the end of summer

Rosie O’Donnell
probably still bopping around, increasingly beloved/hated with each year

Donald Trump

Harry Potter
the BBC/PBS Masterpiece Theatre remakes will start to air

Justin Timberlake
may actually survive & go into quality music & acting, and I am NOT a fan

Angelina Jolie
great actress, possible CFR member, not too sure about her & Pitt surviving the decade together tho.

Reality Television
will be around it some form, perhaps even an interesting form.

it’ll survive & thrive

Fundamentalist Islam
hopefully will finally self-destruct, may take a while just like N Korean & Chinese Communism

Christian Right as a major political influence
I hope to see a transformed/softened version that is more therapeutic than denunciatory. Rick Warren & Robert Schuller > Pat Robertson & the late Rev. Falwell. Reagan > W. But yeah, we’ll still be around, hopefully a bit more practical & helpful, a bit less loud & proud.

STAR TREK (any incarnation) : Yes; there’s too many dedicated fans.

Donald Trump : Probably, unfortunately.

Harry Potter : Yes, more than likely.

Reality Television : Probably. it’s relatively cheap, and for some reason some people like it.

CNN : Probably.

Fundamentalist Islam : For a long, long time, I expect.

Christian Right as a major political influence : Yes, although how much is hard to tell. Best case is they weaken into a strong pressure group; worst case is they take over and America become a Christian version of Taliban-dominated Afghanistan. Second worst case is they take over and start a nuclear war, or bomb us themselves to bring on the Rapture.

Paris Hilton: Charo meets Liza Minelli

STAR TREK (any incarnation): Alive and kicking

Sanjaya: Gone

Rosie O’Donnell: Still on TV

Donald Trump: Doing just fine

Harry Potter: Ride the coattails of franchise

Justin Timberlake: Gone

Angelina Jolie: Matured yet still contemporary

Reality Television: Still around

CNN: Exactly the same

Fundamentalist Islam: Exactly the same

Christian Right as a major political influence: Somewhat depleted but still quite strong

I’m going to assume that anyone who is predicting a dire future for Justin has not seen Alpha Dog or Black Snake Moan. I care not a whit about Timberlake’s music (I can’t even recall ever even hearing a song by him) but he’s a darn good actor and getting better with each interesting role, playing real characters and not just versions of himself. Gone are the days of From Justin To Kelly (or whatever it’s called, I didn’t see it), he’s now learning his craft in quirky indie films with interesting writing and directing. Even if his singing voice went tomorrow, he has an incredibly bright future as an actor.

That was Justin Guarini (sp?) in From Justin to Kelly.

Paris Hilton- The Anna Nicole: TNG

STAR TREK (any incarnation)- I don’t think new stuff of any consequence will be around, but it’ll always have its dedicated fan-base.

Sanjaya- Gone before he started.

Rosie O’Donnell- Around as Dennis Miller is still around.

Donald Trump- Around, but mostly irrelevant. Just another arrogant billionaire.

Harry Potter- See Star Trek, above.

Justin Timberlake- Around. He gets bad cred because of his boy band roots, but he’s actually a decent performer and recording artist. He’s got some cred in the R&B world.

Angelina Jolie- still around.

Reality Television- still around, but mostly on cable. I think there’ll be a sit-com/drama renaissance in the next couple of years.

CNN- I don’t see why it wouldn’t still be around.

Fundamentalist Islam- still around.

Christian Right as a major political influence- no longer a major influence. I could see it shifting back to its grassroots, er, roots. It basically got its start as the organic Christian Coalition in the early 90s, and the GOP basically co-opted all of its work and supporters, which were fairly successful at the local and grassroots level.

Paris Hilton – still around, mostly as a joke
STAR TREK (any incarnation) – still around and popular
Sanjaya – forgotten
Rosie O’Donnell – a trivia question
Donald Trump – still around
Harry Potter – still around
Justin Timberlake – still around
Angelina Jolie – still around
Reality Television – still around
CNN – still around
Fundamentalist Islam – still around
Christian Right as a major political influence – not quite as much as in the past, but still a force.

Ha! All this time I thought it was Timberlake. That is, if I thought of it at all, which was hardly ever. I’m so relieved!

Star Trek’s already shown it’s got legs - even if a new series isn’t made, the old stuff will stay on television for a long time.

As for Angelina Jolie - well, if nothing else, the fact that she’ll almost certainly still be a very attractive woman in 10 years suggests she’ll still enjoy some degree of celebrity.

The last four, I’m afraid, are far too popular and influential to go away in the foreseeable future.

Paris Hilton - she will be dead inside the next six months. Reports of miracle cures effected by prayers to her memory will persist long into the future

STAR TREK (any incarnation) - as good as dead.

Sanjaya - gone

Rosie O’Donnell - gone

Donald Trump - he’s a stayer

Harry Potter - already fading. Will be banned by either the Christian Right (See below) or the Super-Fundamentalist Islamist (see also below)

Justin Timberlake - megastar

Angelina Jolie - mega, mega star

Reality Television - still around

CNN - still around

Fundamentalist Islam - gone. Will be replaced by Super-Fundamentalist Islam, even nuttier and more violent

Christian Right as a major political influence - will dominate what is not dominated by Super-Fundamental Islam. Will be just as nutty and violent.

Paris Hilton - gone.

STAR TREK (any incarnation) - due for a revival about then.

Sanjaya - who?

Rosie O’Donnell - who?

Donald Trump - dead of a heart attack or something

Harry Potter - still biggish

Justin Timberlake - who?

Angelina Jolie - still hot.

Reality Television - the last refuge of Z-listers.

CNN - still there.

Fundamentalist Islam - still there.

Christian Right as a major political influence - Christianity’s been a left-wing influence over here.
I could have used Google or whatever to search for those that I don’t know, but chose not to.

Paris Hilton
Probably still alive but faded into obscurity - kicking and screaming all the way down. Possibly still being occasionally mentioned on obscure TV shows of the genre “the 100 weirdest celebrities ever”

STAR TREK (any incarnation)
New official material might cease (but probably not), but fandom for the existing stuff isn’t going away.

I don’t know who or what this is

Rosie O’Donnell
I don’t know who this is

Donald Trump
Hmmm… I honestly don’t know which way to go on this one - I’m going to echo NoClueBoy’s ‘dead after serving in some public office’

Harry Potter
Still in print, but not manifest as a serious historical rival to LOTR.

Justin Timberlake
Wearing cardigans and singing Irish folk ballads

Angelina Jolie
Still around, not a huge name though

Reality Television
Still there in some form, but not the same as we have now. Will have found some different taboo or meme to pick over endlessly

As a brand, yes, now part of SonyTimeWarnerDisneyCoke

Fundamentalist Islam
Not significantly diminished

Christian Right as a major political influence
Still there, still trying very hard.

Paris Hilton- Will pump out a puppy or two with some spoiled worthless billionaire-offspring, get fat & ugly, that’s the end of that.

STAR TREK- Will still be around, much the same as it has been for the past 40 years.

Sanjaya- You’re kidding, right? Was never more than the punchline to a joke to begin with. Long gone already.

Rosie O’Donnell- Will be behind the scenes, publishing, producing, but will still occasionally stick her big fat ugly enormous face out to spew some shrill ‘humor’.

Donald Trump- Will be much the same, on again off again.

Harry Potter- Gone. Can only milk silly kid’s books for so long. Be lucky if they don’t blow the film franchise with a lack-luster turkey before they get to the last book.

Justin Timberlake- Gone. Can’t act, can’t sing. Is famous for being famous (and for porking hot, A-list babes which will have ended be then).

Angelina Jolie- If she loses her looks, outta here. If not, she’ll still be a major player (solid actress, killer face/bod, soap opera lifestyle, what more is there?)

Reality Television- Will have (finally) stopped dominating TV, but will have become an archtype like the sitcom or medical drama, own cable channel will endlessly rerun the googleplex number of old shows, new stuff will be more refined and less crass.

CNN- Same as now, though will broaden content due to continued success of Fox News :smiley:

Fundamentalist Islam- Will still be here, but no longer major player in world politics, 9/11 will still be very relavent, most terrorist leaders being dead and continuing to die will sour everyone to it, leaving only lunatic fringe.

Christian Right- Exactly the same as now, will wax & wane with the times.

I predict that Donald Trump will open a “Hair Club For men” franchise-to sell his famous hairstyle (wig0; it will be called “You’re Fired”.
Paris Hilton will be head of a multi-media company ("“That’s Hot” media)
Harry potter will be exposed as a satanist.
And Osama Ben ladin will be still hiding out in pakistan

Paris Hilton - Isn’t she gone yet? Ten years she’ll be only around as a montage of “remember the 00’s” stuff.

STAR TREK (any incarnation) - Television and movies long gone but as noted the fan base isn’t going to just vanish. They’ll slowly dribble away into the night, but I give it closer to thirty years before it’s influence is negligible.

Sanjaya - Completely forgotten in a year.

Rosie O’Donnell - She’s an attention whore who’s clung on this long; I’m sure she’ll be clinging on ten years from now.

Donald Trump - Alive but faded from view again. Perhaps looking into retirement.

Harry Potter - Still solid but having a faded impact. Rowling made decent enough books to catch attention and fans of the genre will remember them but other than the potential nostalgia revivals Harry will probably be forgotten by the mainstream public within twenty-five years.

Justin Timberlake - One of those Entertainment Tonight “Where are the now?” segments.

Angelina Jolie - I think she’s got ten years in her. Not much more than that, but I could see her still getting attention then.

Reality Television - It’s been around since the beginning of television; I don’t see it going anywhere in ten year’s time.

CNN - There’s no sign of weakness at the present and no looming issues; they’ll stick.

Fundamentalist Islam and Christian Right - Gone. The workers of the world will finally realize that Karl Marx was right and that such religion is just an attempt to repress them. They’ll cast off their shackles and seize the means of production. That, or continuing on as they ever have. One of those two.

Paris Hilton
Gone, unless her stint in prison can make her change her ways to use her celebrity for good. But she might be too dumb for that…

STAR TREK (any incarnation)
Well, there’s always going to be trek fans, I think it will linger on, possibly getting stronger by then. There’s another movie to come out.

No Idea

Rosie O’Donnell
Definitely, She’s been around for ages, not going anywhere

Donald Trump
He’s certainly too smart to get poor, and I think his stock is going up, so yes.

Harry Potter
No Idea.

Justin Timberlake
No idea

Angelina Jolie
Probably much less than now, but maybe on the same level as someone like Meryll Streep

Reality Television
Sadly yes.

Where’s it going to go? We’ve already got internet news. TV’s not going away, that’s for sure. We might watch it in different ways (via PC, etc.)

Fundamentalist Islam
Certainly not. I only see this as getting worse.

Christian Right as a major political influence
This is hard to say, I think the US will simply be more polarized. They are the ones who still like Bush in the opinion polls. I think, though, that their movement has been discredited internally for too long. And I generally think that ideologies that promote hatred only have a limited lifetime. At least visibly. There will always be hatred based on race, sexual orientation, etc, just not popular for a long time. I suspect that the immigrants will be the next target.

One thing to add: given the advances in plastic surgery, people like paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie will be around for a LOOONNG time-they will have their youthful looks restored by spending megabucks at fashionable Beverly hills clinics. So the scourge that is paris Hilton my well be with us for 9ulp) another 30-50 years! :eek: