Which one of these shops would you rob money from 1st?

A street in a city has a row of 4 shops. A toy shop, a frozen food shop, a charity shop and a computer shop. If you had to make the choice, which one would you rather rob money from the most? :eek:

I would personally go for the toy shop. :cool:

If I needed the money, then I’d rob the toyshop. They are at least maginally ethically worse as they take advantage of whining and naive children to sell their products.

Then again, I would generally only steal if I was starving, so in the real world, I’d be least unlikely to loot the frozen food shop.

If all I wanted was money, it’d be either the frozen food shop or charity shop. Customers in those two would more likely pay cash; people in the toy shop and computer shop would more likely charge, leaving less in the register.

Ethically, the frozen food shop. It’s less likely to be a small business whose owners would be personally affected by the loss.

Unethically, but practically, the charity shop, as it’s far more likely than the others to have cash on the premises.

I’d rob the computer shop. Of computers. They can be quite expensive and could probably be fenced. I’m talking strictly utility here … if I had ethics I wouldn’t be robbing any of them.

Yep - probably the highest ‘profit margin’ from robbing there.

That was my rationalle as well. They can afford it.

Frozen food ------- or maybe the charity store. They probably have the highest percentage of cash sales.

What the heck is a “frozen food shop”? Is that the same thing as an ice cream parlor? Or do you imagine a store specializing in things like Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s frozen meals? “We sell it; you take it home and nuke it.”

And what do the smilies next to each of the choices mean?

  1. Har
  2. Oh, brother
  3. Hee hee
  4. Boo hoo

Er, there are quite a few such shops.

I’ve never heard of one. Can you link to a webpage for one, or find one in Google Street View? I’m not doubting you; perhaps I’ve seen such things but can’t remember doing so.

Well, this is the UK, but it’s a major chain: http://www.iceland.co.uk/

I’ve never heard of them either, I had assumed it was an ice-cream parlor myself. How bizarre!

Yeah, frozen food shop? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

Which one will I rob first? That depends on which one I encounter first. If they’re all i a row like that I would probably try to hit all of them, since I was in the neighborhood in a larcenous mood.

So for the US-centric view, I suppose you could substitute “chain grocery store” for “frozen food store.”

I can’t think of any circumstances under which I’d rob any store, but let’s assume I was absolutely desperate.

In that case, the KIND of store is irrelevant from a moral standpoint. I only have two concerns:

  1. Which store has a lot of CASH on hand?

  2. At which store wouldI have the best chance of making a clean getaway?

The computer store is out because I’m guessing most of their customers pay with credit cards.

The other shops would probably have cash. SO, of the three remaining shop, I’d steal from the one that has the fewest employees and the least security. If the toy shop has a single old man behind the register, perfect!