Which one would u rather? The black chick or the Mid thirties Mom?

Which one would u??
The Mom…

black chick…

I vote for a third option -




That was my pick, too.

WTF people?!

I can’t wait for summer vacation to be over.

Didn’t click on the links, but…do either of the choices make money in their spare time working from home?

Why can’t I have both?

nope, only one please,

She looks Polynesian to me.

Is it against the rules to be a moron?

One makes 75 dollars an hour working from home and looks pretty young. The other is 57 years old yet has found a secret to look 27. And then there is an old man that looks like he just sucked on a lemon and is refinancing his morgage.

And they are all in my hometown! What a coincidence!

I am so not clicking on those links.

They let me in.

Whichever one was driving down the road when she suddenly realized she needed to be going in the opposite direction.

christ dude there just imgur’ links, the fact i have barely any posts doesnt help but its my first thread nonetheless, now which one would u smash??

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