Which page is it? News/editorial?

In case any have missed my position on current White House occupants, I’m not a fan of Mr. Bush. However, I am in favor of balanced reporting by news agencies.

Now, while I may indulge myself in mocking our current White House Occupant, and his actions are certainly fair game for the media, but I feel this Crosses the line.

“Bush keeps training wheels on foreign policy with Mexico trip”???

To me, having a headline such as that, and the general tone of the article is suggests less than a balanced viewpoint, reminds me of Doonesbury’s cartoons (on the editorial page, of course), where a news reporter would say something like “and in his usual idiotic manner…” .

Now, it is IMHO relevant to mention that Mr. Bush was questioned about his readiness for foreign policy development, but ‘training wheels’??? So, when does reporting cross over into editorializing?

For what it’s worth, I’ll chime in and agree with you. It was certainly out of line. I’m sure, however, that you wouldn’t hear Peter Jennings lead off a news story with that headline, yet this comes from , ostensibly, the same news source. I wonder how that works, exactly. . .

On the other hand, I think that the headline isn’t too far off base. Neither do these guys: http://www.nationallampoon.com/article2defaultpar.html