which party is more underhanded?

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Okay maybe I over spoke if i came off as saying all republicans are like that.

However despite his claims about intelligence reports none has been found. so either he’s a lier or the republican party gave us, and continues to support someone dangerously incompetent to the tune of hundreds of thousands of service men and women and Iraqi men women and children dead. To the dead and grieving the only "clear and present danger’ was the president himself.
Meanwhile instead of owning up to it he kept mentioning Al Quada when talking about Iraq even though Al quada and Saddam hated each other. Trying to make the average citizen think the two groups were linked. Is that the action of an honest man?

Mean while you have Republicans and groups like rush limbaugh, bill oreily, and the rest of fox news ect, the republican smear machine is common knowledge.

While Democrats certainly aren’t saints I think it’s safe to say the republican party is the best at misrepresenting and twisting the truth.

Surely the answer to your question is, whichever one we think is less underhanded!


As a current Republican and former Democrat (what was I thinking?! :)) I can say conclusively that it is childish, silly, and just plain inaccurate to say that either party is inherently more devious or underhanded. Politics is politics. Its the individual that makes those choices.

But its usually the sneaky liberals!!

Vote third party and you won’t have to worry about this kind of crap anymore. Did you notice that your question and the answers implied that there are only two parties? Isn’t that how they like us to think? They seek to limit your freedom of thought thru they’re mutual underhandedness. Throw the bums out!

It is not a question of which is more underhanded.
It is a question of which is better at it.

We all want to identify with the party that seems more honest. I think that the Republicans are under a lot more scrutiny now than even just a few years ago. For a lot of us, there’s a dark cloud of suspicion and ulterior motives that turn people away from the GOP. I’ll try to take a stab at some of the reasons here.

We don’t like the sudden surge of intense interest in the issue of illegal immigration. Why now? There’s a suspicious correlation between “bad news” and focus on immigration. The worse the housing economy gets, the more the GOP talks about our border security. The worse the war gets, the more the GOP talks about border security. Republicans know that a lot of Americans are concerned about illegal immigration, and wield the issue like a club to beat away other issues they don’t want to deal with.

We don’t like the almost-but=not-quite scandals coming from the GOP leadership. We don’t like anti-homosexual legislators getting caught soliciting sex from a male cop. We don’t like the allegations of voter fraud that never got off the ground, because all of the district attorneys investigating them were fired. We don’t like the fact that an undercover agent for a United States intelligence agency had her cover exposed for a GOP agenda. We certainly don’t like it that said agenda was an attempt to cover up evidence that the government was suppressing information about the cause for war in Iraq.

All of this leaves the GOP in a really bad light. I’m certainly not willing to say that Republicans are more underhanded overall, but I think that right now at this point in time they have much more to answer for than the Democrats. Maybe it’s just because the pubs have had a majority in the government for so long, and the same thing would have happened to the dems if they had control for 6 years. All I know is that at the moment I just can’t stomach voting for Republican candidates, because it’s hard to disassociate them from the dark cloud at top of the government.

I don’t trust those Greens. They’re shifty eyed, I’m telling ya…always scheming, always scheming…

I definitely think the Republicans are, and it’s mostly because of the Swift Boat bullshit with Kerry. They took a guy who had been decorated for combat and try to make him look like a pussy. I don’t know what’s more underhanded than that.

I don’t think they tried to make him look like a pussy, they tried to make him look like a cheat.

Hear! Hear! Some of the finest people it has been my pleasure to know have been Republicans, including my father and his brothers and sister. And even though I always vote Democratic (while beinag an Indepenedent; never felt the need actually to join a party), I’ve personally known some unbelievably weaselly Democrats.

There’s an old adage that it’s better to have a thief in charge than a fool, because there’s a limit to how much someone can steal, but stupidity knows no limits.

This being said, I usually assume whatever party is in charge of each branch is more crooked. It’s a given that the Republicans in Congress were more crooked during the 2000-2007 period, while the Democrats were more crooked during the period they were in charge. I’m rarely disappointed in this assumption. Although individuals vary, as a group they will abuse the power granted by control.

Sometimes, of course, there’s no need to choose!

I agree with Brainglutten, you really CAN’T choose because the two parties that are in power are really just two affiliates of the same party that seek to remain in control by seeming to offer you a choice, but limiting that choice to two (equally mediocre) alternatives. Nobody has even mentioned a third party except to make a lame joke, y’all act as if their are no other parties, which will be the case with continually restrictive legislation about getting on the ballot if people continue to vote foolishly. Variety, in anything, creates health and vivacity.

I’m not sure if I’d characterize this more as tommyrot or balderdash. I do think we need to stamp out any of these attempts to falsely claim equivalence between the current parties. Anyone who tells you that is selling something.

You missed my point, which is that this Pub Administration has given us stupidity and thievery in a bargain package deal.

A Democrat in my district lost his re-election bid in 2004 because he was caught getting afriend of his to start a ‘no-new taxes’ party (and that is what he named it). Even though this ‘party’ got over 20% of the vote, he still lost…presumably because even the Democrats wouldn’t vote for him.

That’s pretty underhanded…however the fact that he still lost because he lost his Dem support shows the opposite - that the Democrats were just as disgusted.

That’s pretty honorable.

It has been my experience with local politics that some of the Democrats seem pretty underhanded and the vast majority of the Repubs seem confused when they are the victim of it.

However, Democrats tend to rule most of this state…and so are the majority party. Other states where it is reversed may have the underhandedness reversed.