Which PC game should I play?

The Witcher 3 thread, as I mentioned in there, got me to thinking about home many games I have right now, that I want to play. I haven’t had too much time for the last few years, so I keep getting the ones I really want to play, then being forced to drift away. Then when the next one I am excited about is released I start it too, and get forced off it too.

My schedule should provide a bit more gaming time soon(like this weekend), but it’s a bit over-whelming just how many I want to play at once. I have too many option paralysis, which is just stupid when dealing with games.

These are the leading options and the percent completed. there are others totally unstarted picked up in steam sales though.

Mass Effect 3: Maybe 25% finished.
Borderlands Presequel: First play through done, TVHM about 5%(Mad Max Movie inspiring me now)
Wasteland 2: Avoiding spoilers, but I estimate 60% done.(Mad Max Movie inspiring me now also)
Divinity Original Sin: maybe 10%
DA Inquisition: about 50%(seeing new DLCs inspiring me)
Pillars of Eternity: maybe 7%, but freshest in my mind.
LOTRO: Just started Rohan.(been a very long time)
SWTOR: Completed with Jedi Knight and Smuggler; Bounty Hunter only on 4th planet.(New movie trailer inspiring me)

Somebody help me figure out how to decide.:wink:


Mass Effect 3

Of course this is a completely subjective thing and most of those games are excellent and definitely worth playing.

I would say try to carve out at least a little time for yourself each week to game (or more accurately do whatever you enjoy doing for yourself). I do not know your particulars but I have found it isn’t all that hard to get those two hours on a Sunday evening for yourself (or whenever). Even my SO was cool with it. Of course YMMV.

I will say that while playing any of those games is fun there is something a bit more fun playing a new game when everyone else is playing it and it is new. The exploration when not everyone knows where everything is, no one has min/maxed the game, the buzz, the conversations (here and wherever) are things unto themselves and add some enjoyment. Unfortunately Witcher 3 is reputed to be a 100+ hour game so at your rate it could be a year before you finish. Still would be fun though.

Divinity: Original Sin is getting an enhanced edition at some point this year so you might as well wait until that happens and play something else for now.

Weird, I only see that.

Mass Effect might be my favorite game franchise. I got really involved with the game, and felt like I was making real-life choices. I loved all three of those. So, that’s my recommendation.

Are they more action-adventurey or RPG-like?

LOTRO is produced by true Tolkien fans, is not expensive, has incredible scenery and a wide choice of classes.
Plus it’s based on the story that inspired all other roleplaying games.

Have you played the first two Borderlands?

Both? The view is third person, except when you’re shooting. Along the way, when you interact with people, you’re given a few choices and those choices affect how the game will proceed. Your choices also determine whether you’re more angelic or roguish, and that also affects your future options and game play. However, the game is pretty open, and you can decide what to do when, where to go. Does that answer your question?

Yeah. It’ll be some months till it comes out (no ETA yet) but it will be free to owners of the game. The new edition sounds worth waiting to play.

  • All characters are now fully voiced by AAA-voice actors
  • New quests, new characters, and new content
  • Entirely new gameplay modes and character builds
  • A heavily rewritten story with a brand new ending
  • Massively reworked visuals and sound effects
  • And much more to be announced in the coming months!

SOURCE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/larianstudios/divinity-original-sin/posts/1229909?ref=backer_project_update

I would classify it as an action-adventure with RPG elements, but the gameplay is mainly twofold (as RitterSport already mentioned). The action parts are third-person run-and-gun with cover based shooting and special abilities that can be triggered at intervals. You also manage the other two people in your squad (triggering abilities and targeting specific enemies for standard attacks). If you don’t feel like managing your squad, you can make it pretty automatic, but there’s some cool stuff you can do combining biotic abilities (basically space magic). The action part is enjoyable and well polished (in 2 and 3 anyway, it’s passable in ME1).

The adventure part, which is what really elevates the series beyond a boilerplate run-and-gun, is running around and having conversations with people. These conversations showcase the fabulous writing and often require that you make choices that affect the course of the game. Also, the major characters are well-rounded and complex, and very interesting to get to know. There are even some huge world-shaping issues that are introduced in the first two games and ultimately get resolved, one way or another. Those bits are some of the best experiences I’ve ever had in any game.

Wolfman, a question? Have you played the earlier Mass Effect’s. Or did you decide to just dive in at the end?

I only ask because it seems an ususual reaction to play ME3 with the investment (and save states) of the earlier games and having trouble finishing the third.

If you haven’t played the earlier ones I would strongly suggest going back to at least ME2 and playing through the game from there (ME1 might be a bit dated now). And remember FemShep is the one true Shep.

If you have played the earlier ones and 3 just didn’t click for some reason I’d vote Dragon Age.

Such love for ME3, and I would have put it on the bottom. It’s the only one of the trilogy I only played once, all due to the unsatisfying conclusion (even with the DLC).

I would suggest PoE. But that’s me, not you.