Which person on the other side of the aisle would you vote for?

Which person on the other side of the aisle would you vote for?

Liberal / Leans Democratic here.
If Jeb Bush ® runs for President against a weak (D) candidate, I’d end up voting for Jeb Bush. Pretend I’m not allowed to vote for Hillary Clinton, who I honestly wasn’t that enthusiastic about in 2012 and greatly preferred Obama over her. I hated her style and campaign tactics.

  1. His father, elder Bush, was a good president. Ran a war properly, got us out, minimal casualties, and went back on a campaign pledge to not raise taxes because we needed to raise taxes. That demonstrated both intelligence and pragmatism, even though voters punished him for it. Of elder Bush or Dubya, Jeb seems to be a *lot *more like his father than his brother.

  2. He governed my state of Florida quite well. No complaints over here. I felt Charlie Christ did an even better job. He has the experience and track record to be an executive branch leader.

  3. Not an ideologue, not a lunatic. His political positions are conservative/moderate, not Michelle Bachmann crazy or Sarah Palin stupid.
    I also thought John Huntsman was your best candidate from 2012, but you guys hated him because he doesn’t wear his shoes on his hands like the other nutjobs.

I *promise *you I’d vote for John Huntsman over Hillary Clinton.
If you Republicans end up nominating Santorum or Rubio or Scott Walker or the likeable-but-still-batshit Mike Huckabee, I’m going to puke. On you. Then go eat something, and do it again. I will become bulemic just to projectile vomit on you for weakening your party so much that you’re unelectable to the highest office.

If you choose Rick Perry, or GOD FORBID, my current governor Rick Scott, I’m going to move to Australia and become a surfer bum and marry a dingo, because it’s legal over there.

Letting the Democrats be the only choice means we liberals have to put up with complete unwashed buttholes like Nancy Pelosi.

I promise you I want her gone, gone, gone. But you give folks like me zero options whatsoever at the ballot box with your cloud cuckoolander candidates.

Put down your guns and your bibles, and your guns that shoot bibles, and your bibles that shoot guns for two minutes and pick someone that *might *have appeal outside of the Westboro Baptist Church and the NRA.

Thank you for your time.

The Republican party has gone so far off the deep end as the party of ignorance, hypocrisy and obstructionism, that I couldn’t vote for any of them. Merely being willing to associate with that crowd is a disqualifier in my book, regardless of how sane a politician may seem otherwise.

Abe Lincoln, Thaddeus Stevens, Benjamin Wade, Robert LaFollette, Theodore Roosevelt, Fiorello LaGuardia, Hiram Johnson, Jacob K Javits, Nelson Rockefeller

There needs to be a viable 2nd party or else the Democrats will become even more corrupt and incompetent and unprincipled than they already are.

I like my Democratic party nice and desperate, forced to stand up for things I believe in or lose instantly and become the minority party.

Which, frankly, given their inability to completely crush the party of no ideas with better ideas, they deserve to be.

I agree about the value of a viable second party. I wish there was a sane one.

It is sometimes said that another party is necessary as a check on the Democrats. That is not true. It might be true, if our two-party system were the Democrats v. the Socialists; but the GOP in its present formation has no value to America whatsoever, nor would any party based on conservatism in any of its present or even conceivable formations.

Michael Ranzenhofer.

I actually couldn’t right now, although there are a number I could happily have supported in non-crazy times. But today, a Republican, especially a junior one, is required to toe the Tealiban line and automatically vote against everything the Democrats say or do, regardless of their own feelings or principles about which they might speak convincingly and sincerely in their campaigns. As long as the sickness remains uncured, the overarching issue is party affiliation and what it means in terms of results - and that means I feel forced to be a yellow dog about supporting Democrats.

I, too, thought the elder Bush was a decent enough president. But when it comes to voting for a current Republican I say “Not gonna do it… wouldn’t be prudent… at this juncture” as Poppy would say. There was a time that I would meticulously research every candidate for every race and make a conscious effort to split my ticket at least somewhat. But since 2009 when the Republicans met on Inauguration night and vowed to destroy the Obama presidency in its crib and since they’ve paraded batshit crazy candidates for president and since every Republican now has either to be batshit crazy or pander to those who are- I have completely given up on them. This modern Republican Party is a cancer which must be removed in its entirety.

Add me to the ain’t gonna happen chorus. We just had a very liberal Republican Senator here in Rhode Island a few years ago, so liberal he is now the Democratic governor. But even though his own voting record wasn’t too bad in my eyes, his mere presence on the right side of the aisle helped to maintain a Republican majority for a few of those years - including 2003/4 when the Republicans only had 51 Senators.

At the presidential level, such voting is not simply ridiculous, it’s utter counterproductive lunacy.

You don’t vote for a President, you vote for an administration. You vote for all the cabinet heads, all the heads of the independent agencies, all the judges that will be appointed, and for the tens of thousands of lesser positions that actually produce everyday policy. You vote for the budgets that will be proposed, for the legislation put forward and for the issues that will be de-emphasized or blocked. You vote for the economic policy, the foreign policy, and the social policy that will be propounded. You vote for all the things the president’s party in Congress wants to get done and all the things it doesn’t. If the president isn’t of the party that you side with on the majority of these matters you are voting for things you don’t want to happen to occur every single day of the next four years.

Askthepizzaguy, what do think that will happen if Jeb Bush becomes president that won’t happen if Rick Santorum would become president? What would Jeb Bush get done that you want that Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t do ten times more of?

There isn’t one. The republican party maintains as fundamental components of its platform several concepts and principles I find repugnant. A republican candidate I could in good conscience vote for is ipso facto not a republican as determined by their party planks.

Agreed. But it CANNOT be the Republicans. I’m all for reining in the Democrats (possibly by eliminating the party). But that cannot happen until the Republican Party is eliminated as a viable party first.

Sucks, but that’s the way it is.

I do feel some sympathy for the sane, responsible GOP pols whose party has pulled away from them, and is now bullying them instead. But if their choice is to stay there, like battered wives claiming “I know he really loves me”, then it’s their choice.

I have *zero *sympathy for people telling me I should vote for them anyway to help support the two-party system (as if affirmative action is appropriate in an election), or because I should help them restore their party’s sanity from the inside. There’s a Polish saying: “Not my circus, not my monkey”.

I LIKE that saying. :slight_smile:

Even if I don’t quite understand it.

Great. If any of those guys are running, let me know.

Sorry, but at this point I just don’t feel that the Republican party has my best interests at heart. Sticking to Presidential-level politics, I suppose I could have voted for McCain or Romney if their opponent had been a drug-crazed kitten killer or something, but being a Kenyan Muslim who hangs out with terrorists isn’t so bad when compared to that wacky Tea Party faction, so the choice was easy.

Of the current batch, sorry, Jeb Bush is right out. I have a thing against dynasties (why I’d rather not see Hillary Clinton run either) but even setting that aside, in my view George W. has automatically disqualified all Bushes from future office for at least the next four or five generations.

Santorum would appoint the kind of justices to the Supreme Court that will utterly ruin the rights of women, and non-straight persons, and approve every single thing the Republican congress puts forward.

Jeb Bush might veto the batshit crazy stuff and appoint realistic justices.

Nancy Pelosi and I agree on many issues, but she’s still a corrupt partisan hack and I want nothing to do with her.

Sorry, it’s personal. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the right character to lead.

You mean just like his brother George, who was also considered a “moderate” when he ran?

This is wish-fulfillment fantasy, not a realistic scenario in today’s political climate.

Yes, Askthepizzaguy: you should know better. This isn’t HR, though the media portrays it that way. You are essentially choosing a vector of policies. There was a case to be made for your stance before, say, 1994. Not now.

Agree, but that’s irrelevant to the OP, sadly. Except that on a world comparison basis and a reasonable basis, I don’t think the Democrats are actually especially corrupt, incompetent or unprincipled. But two sane parties, like we had during most of the 20th century, would indeed be nice. But that’s not the world we live in now.

I have no idea what the substance of your complaint is, but I don’t watch TV. (Perhaps we might wait 48 hours before addressing this semi-hijack. Meanwhile, I’d like to drive home Exapno’s point.)

Christie. I would totally vote for Christie.

I find myself unable to articulate the reasons why.

Maybe it’s just that he has been the only GOP guy who has said anything positive about Obama in any way. He seems to be strong. Mean too, yes, but strong.