Which Piece of Technology You Wish You Could Have? The Anti-Luddite Thread

I love technology. I have a computer, cellphone, DVD player, 3 VCRs, all the toys. I am hoping that 3.3 megapixel digital cameras will reach $200 by Christmas so I can get one. I’ve almost convinced my wife to let me get a portable DVD player. I have a basement full of videotapes.

I love technology, and I’m not ashamed.

What do you wish you could get?

I’d love to have one of them fancy computers. You know, the kind with a keyboard and a mouse and such. I hear tell they are purty cool.

I have one at work but not at home, and I’d really like to get one. But the fates (in the form of a family of five and just one income) have so far prevented me from affording one.

But it’s on my short list. Right behind paying off the minivan, and putting up a deck, and finishing the basement with a fourth bedroom, and…aw hell, it’ll be a while.

I want a Visor Edge, or at least a Platinum, with all the cool Handspring modules. The keyboard, the Visorphone, the mp3 player, the little camera, the turnip twaddler, all of it. I wouldn’t mind a titanium G4 notebook, either.

I want a teleporter. I dislike sitting in a car or a plane and want to be able to zap myself wherever I want to go.

I’d love to have a Taser, but I’d probably end up zapping myself!

Nomad Jukebox, my bro has one and I’m so jealous. Of course then I’d need a real computer, not one where the disk drive is powered by a gerbil in a wheel-thingy.

I really want night vision goggles. I don’t even know what I’d use them for, it’s just some kind of weird techlust. If we’re including things that don’t exist yet, I’d like a holodeck.

A cybernetic exoskeliton, obviously.

With lasers.

And rocket boots.

Since I’m a video nut, I’d like to have at least one DVD recordable unit. The lowest price I’ve seen is in the $1500 range. The price SHOULD drop to under $1000 by Christmas, but I’ll have to wait until it goes into the $500 area before I can even remotely consider it.

I have a computer, a stereo, and of course a printer. Plus assorted discmans.

So next I want a CD Burner. I want to make all different CD combinations- Can you do that? That is, take a song from one CD and a song from another and put them on one CD together? I’d really like that. I can completely see myself making thousands of combos of new music…:cool:

Yes, me too! I want a holodeck. Or holosuite. And a teleportation device. And oo! oo! – a stungun.

While I’m waiting, I’d be happy to have a CD player and a microwave. Also a better TV and VCR (or a DVD player? don’t know enough about them). I hear tell that if you get a TV that was not manufactored prior to the invention of the VCR, it’s possible to watch one show while recording another.

hmmmm, ya can’t top the exoskeleton, but ya can sign me up for the next best thing - a portable personal force field, or else I’ll just take a zenith telecruz.

If we’re talking fantasy here, I want Obie from Jack Chalker’s Well of Souls series. (Of course, that’s kind of like wishing for more wishes.)
Reality? well, how about a service contract with a company that would deliver a brand new computer every 6 months, and transfer all of my files and stuff over automatically so that I never had to worry about it.

For years, I wanted a kickass loud stereo system. Now I have one, and I want a soundproof room so I can listen to it whenever I want without waking people up.

Fantasy - car autopilot is one of the first things to spring to mind. I enjoy driving sometimes, but most of the time I’d rather not, especially if I have to fight traffic or find my way to someplace new. I would love to be able to punch in an address, sit back and read a book or play a game, and get to where I am. I even had a dream once that I had a car with that kind of system, and even better (and weirder) was the fact that it would put you to sleep when you punched in the address and wake you up when I got there.

Reality - I am getting a new computer when I get my stock money next month, and it’s gonna be a doozy - 1.7Ghz processor, 1024MB of RAM, a couple of 40 gig hard drives, a GeForce 3 card, the works…other than that, I can’t really think of anything I want, technology-wise. Maybe a nice amp.

I’d like one of those satellite-based thingies the police are always talking about which allow a car’s fuel supply to be remotely shut off. I’d have the control mounted on my dash, and next time some ratbag cuts me off in traffic, I’d just type in their number plate and they’d grind to a stop. It’d be brilliant.

Sign me up for a psyonic amplifier!


i DO want to float around knowing people’s thoughts while purple lightning arcs about my body!

Or, if the shop is out of those, get me a nanite net i can hook up to my brain.


i want to have a sentient network of nanomolecular machines inhabiting my brain, especially if i can control it’s material harvesting. (someone shoots, and the bullet is absorbed and processed before it even reaches me.).

And, if none of those are in stock, then just get me some configurable mecha that has a direct neural interface.

(Oh! so YOU got the last psyonic amplifier! wellllll…


even better…
get me a dimensional gateway pistol that i can always control, no Sliders “launch window” shit. then i can just go to a universe where they give away whatever i want for free.

yay! Psyonic amplifier + Nanite net + Configuarable mecha = One happy Saepiroth!

I’d settle for a jet-pack.

Back when I was single and available, I’d have probably chosen a mind reading device with some sort of focusing mechanism:

Her thoughts: I wish he’d ask me to dance.

Me: May I have this dance?

Her thoughts: Wow, slow song. I hope he doesn’t want to stop now.

Me: I just love slow songs. They bring out the romantic in me.

Her thoughts: Damn, check out the package on that guy over at the bar.

Me: Crap, look at the time. Take care.

Real technology? A top-of-the-line G4 with one of those oh-so-sweet cinema displays. I don’t even have a cell phone, so I’d kinda like one of those, too. Oh, and thermo-vision goggles! And one of those tacky plasma balls (yeah, they’re cheesy and not-so-new, so what?)! A Jaguar XKR convertible! A Suzuki Hayabusa! A…

Don’t even ask me about fictional technolgy… I’ll take forever…

A state of the art computer…flat screen 21" monitor, DVD-RAM, the works…gawd, I could practically masterbate to a picture of one of those…

Ummmm…not that I would…

Also, one of those digital vcr things, like TiVo.

I want a BattleMech. Preferably a Stone Rhino or Timber Wolf.