Which Place is Cleaner?

Singapore or Disney World?
Singapore, I would assume never visiting there, is oppressive in their ordinances regarding cleanliness to the point that Singapore has only recently decriminalized the sale and import of (sugarless) chewing gum.
Disney World, in my many visits, seems remarkably clean to the point of obsession.
Which place is cleaner?

I don’t know. Do they have 5 Star Toilets at Disneyworld ?

I’ve been to both and Disney World wins by far in my opinion. You also cant buy gum in Disney World, this that negates that point. Disney World is an amazing place, if you litter, it’ll be gone in minutes…truely amazing.

Part of the secret at DisneyWorld is that the place just looks so clean, that most people hesitate to litter in the first place.

And then they’ve designed it so trash containers are located so conveniently, that while you’re hesitating, you see one, and it’s only a few steps away, so…

This works because they really do work at keeping it clean; you’ll never see it looking dirty, so you don’t want to be the first one to dirty up the place.

P.S. The oppressive laws in Singapore aren’t really that worried about cleanliness – they are more intended to deal with political dissent.

All the news media are government controlled, and never disagree with the government. So people used the tradition method of printing their own posters, and sticking them up on walls in the public squares. So laws were passed calling postering vandalism, and outlawing it. Also restrictions on sales of poster glue, so people substituted chewing gum to hold up their poster. So sales of gum were promptly banned, allegedly for reasons of “public health & cleanliness”.

Then people went to chalking (easily removable) up their political slogans on walls; this was called graffiti & outlawed, with severe penalties like public canings (whippings).

Now the Internet is used, but the Singapore government has tight controls on that. I imagine “The Straight Dope” is unavailable on Singapore Internet. For sure, this post will never make it thru their censorship!

Three things:

  1. The ban on dental-recommended gum in Singapore is no more as of yesterday.

  2. Perhaps you could provide some support for the asssertion that Singapore banned gum for the reason that it was used to affix posters, and not for simple cleanliness. Also, perhaps you could explain these alleged restrictions on the sale of poster glue. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  3. I’ve accessed thestraightdope.com from Singapore.

I have spent a great deal of time in that part of the world. As I recall, the gum law happened when a piece of gum fell into part of the works of a subway car such that a door wouldn’t close. This meant that the car couldn’t go and the subway was shut down for a couple of hours. BTW, it was never illegal to posses gum in Sing, you just couldn’t sell it there. Business owners in Johor, Malaysia did a thriving business in gum.


isn’t this GQ?

(you’re kidding right?) utter nonsense.

first, graffiti is vandalism. if the need is great there are always flyers or whatever. second, chalking on walls do not warrant caning. third, canings are not public.

yes, it’s your imagination.
with regards to the OP so i’ve heard disney world do not sell gum too, are they being oppressive?

I’d like a cite on all of that please. Singapore isn’t the most liberal of societies, but banning gum because you might use it to stick posters up??

Well, isn’t banning gum for cleanliness pretty oppressive in itself - just in a Bob Sagat on Full House kinda way?