Which prescription drugs have greatly improved your life

Anyone here taken prescription medication which has made their life greatly better? Here are mine:

Drysol - Completely eliminates underarm perspiration. When I was in high school, I had massive sweating under the arms all the time. Like, wake up in the morning and my pits are soaked. My shirts were always soaked in the arm pits. It caused me great embarrassment. I tried all sorts of regular anti-perspirants and they were useless. I didn’t even think of going to a doctor until I was about 21. He gave me a prescription for Drysol and it worked fantasticly. Absolutely no more sweating under my arms. I couldn’t be happier.

Indural (propranolol) - Reduces the physical reactions to anxiety (sweating, flushness, tight voice, shaking, etc.). When I went to a function where I had to rise to the occasion (interview, party, public speaking, etc.), I would sweat and my voice would crack. Although I wasn’t feeling anxious, my body was reacting that way. Now I can take Indural a few hours before the event and none of those physical reactions happen anymore. You only take the drug when you need it. Now I can enjoy being at a party instead of wondering if anyone can notice the sweat on my forehead.

The amazing thing to me is that I waited so long before going to a doctor about these conditions. In both cases, I didn’t think anything could be done. I wish I had gone when the problems first showed up. It would have saved me years of embarrassment.

Imitrex has been a godsend. I have had migraine headaches since I was about 12, and they did all sorts of tests and prescribed all sorts of medicines to treat it, and nothing ever worked until I got hold of an Imitrex pill. I can now live my life from day to day without the debilitating headaches.

Prilosec–I have reflux problems not related to diet, behavior, or attitude. I’ve just got a wonky esophageal valve.

Methocarbomol, a muscle relaxer. I’m prone to throwing out my back (pardon the pun) and it’s been a lifesaver at getting me back on my feet within hours instead of days. Stronger efficacy that just about any other medicine I’ve ever used.

Hand down - The Birthcontrol Pill.

Valtrex - the herpes medicine. I got shingles last fall, and those suckers were so painful!!! I went to a doctor just in time though and was put on Valtrex soon enough that the blisters faded after a couple days instead of bursting and lingering, like they would have done otherwise. It would have been unbelievably painful if it had gone untreated. The experience gave me a profound sympathy for anyone with genital herpes - it was bad enough having those blisters on my stomach!

Nexium - Without it, anything I eat will give me heartburn.

Trazadone - Before, I would lie awake staring at the ceiling for an hour or two before I finally dosed off. Now I take it about a half hour before I go to bed and I’m usually out in ten minutes.

Prozac (generic) - Last year I started going through a depression that kept getting progressively worse, almost to the point of suicide. Nothing triggered it really, it just gradually came on. I’ve been on Prozac for about a month and I’m starting to see some real improvement in my mood and I have more energy. I can focus better at work, and I just seem to enjoy things more. :slight_smile:

BirthControl Pills - My period doesn’t stop without it. Which was not fun.

Antihistamines - I have chronic hives. Untreated the hives are the size of dinner plates all over my body. My face and lips swell up as if I’ve been beaten. And from time to time my throat tries to swell shut. Although massively sedated most of the time, my 6 prescriptions keep me sane; the hives are markedly smaller and fewer and I’m no longer franticly itching. I have a life.

Epipen - A tiny little miracle. A shot of epinephrine so when my throat does swell shut, it will keep it open until I can get to the hospital.

I would have to say Imigran (Sumatriptan), specifically the nasal spray for migraine. An absolute wonder drug.

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I’ll second Prilosec.

My acid reflux was just terrible, now it’s gone.

Has to be Viagra. While I don’t normally have erection problems, the performance anxiety when my wife was trying to get pregnant put me considerably off my game. After great frustration, and a few tearful nights on my wife’s part, I sought my doctor’s assistance. My wife was pregnant before I finished the sample pack! (And Li’l Label is 2 months old and doing fine, thank you for asking).

Thinking about the four hours of sleep he got last night… Hmmm; you asked for improvement, didn’t you? (I kid, I kid)

Effexor XR - I tried Prozac and Paxil and hated them (Prozac turned me into super-bitch and Paxil gave me a general *blah * feeling.

Asthma drugs. Isuprel when I was a kid, then cromolyn sodium, and now Vanceril. I haven’t had a full-blown attack for decades.

I lurve allergy meds, although claritin isn’t working so hot for me anymore, and the insurance won’t cover zyrtec D which does since there’s an OTC med available.

Lexapro is a GODSEND. It’s an SSRI (not an MAOI) and I’ve had NO negative effects on it and it just flat lopps off my anger/depression.

Trazadone and Paxil.

When I started being able to sleep at night, and stopped being afraid, anxious and depressed all the time, my quality of life improved drastically.

Another vote for birth control pills.

Without them, I’d stand a chance of having Uber-Cramps From HELL for thirty to fourty-five minutes one day a month. Doesn’t sound that bad, in the large scheme of things, but consider this: I’d get five minutes warning, tops, that they were impending. Once they hit it would be physically impossible for me to straighten out, and if I was in anything but a prone position I’d be very close to passing out. (Unforutnately, I never quite could: passing out would have been heavenly at the time…)

Now, imagine the potential problems if those cramps would have hit if I were driving. :eek: !!!

Not to mention, being able to pin down when my period would start to at least within a week is great.

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Inconceivable–The Pill
Ambien halped me through a lot of hellatious times in my life when couldn’t stop crying or thinking at night. Was on it got off it. Now I’m on it again and can’t sleep w/out it so now it kinda sucks. But I guess when my life doesn’t keep my mind churning all the time, I’ll be off it again :smiley:

i work in a pharmacy and can attest to the value otc & perscription drugs have for the masses…i personally can’t live without my claritin (i’m another one of those hivey people) :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you, modern medicine, for the birth control pills. Especially the stronger ones that I went on to eliminate my periods which coincidentally gave me bigger breasts. What more could I ask for? What a little miracle!

On the other hand, I’ve tried five different antidepressants and none of them have worked. Which is okay, because I’m feeling better, but that month of feeling stretched to the breaking point and dropping dishes when the phone rang, I won’t forgive you for that, Lexapro.