Which prescription drugs have greatly improved your life

The BC pill gave me regular, worry-free periods.

Adderall XR changed every area of my life, though. It’s a damn shame I went 19 years before I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Prozac (has given me back my life)
topamax (for anti-compulsive behaviors such as overeating and shopping)

No medication has changed my life (yet) but birth control pills have made it a lot more pleasant, particularly since I learned (from the SDMB :slight_smile: ) that I can take the pills continuously and not have a period at all.

Unintentionally Blank:

How long did it take to start working for you?

B.C. pills and the patch. 'Nuff said.

SSRIs and related depression meds such as Wellbutrin and Lexapro. I’ve been on Prozac and Wellbutrin (switched to Wellbutrin for ttc even though Prozac was working fine) and it has significantly improved my quality of life. I can’t believe I waited until I was 22 to ask my doctor for them. Added bonus, I quit smoking!

Are you sure you’re thinking of the right drug? I take Topamax as a daily preventative for migraines. It’s an epilepsy drug that controls the electical impulses in the brain.

My votes go to Topamax and Imitrex. I’ve gotten my migraines under control with both of them. My only complaint is that they’re both horribly expensive.
Without my Rx plan, the Topamax would be costing me $400 a month, and the Imitrex is $140 for 2 doses. :eek:

My OCP, Dianette.
Clear skin, less body hair, even mood, no pmt, bigger boobs, shorter, lighter, more bearable periods, this baby does it all!

It’s otc here, but would be prescription in the states. When I do get cramps codeine is the only thing that works, ibuprofen and acetominophen alone don’t even take the edge off. This stuff lets me function normally, rather than curling up into a ball for 5 days.

So that a little hayfever and wheezing doesn’t turn into respiratory arrest.

Birth Control
Serzone–for depression and anxiety
Xanax-for anxiety

And, pain pills were my miracle until my doctor decided that I no longer need them even though I am in so much pain during my period that I pretty much have to stay in bed. That’s why the BC is awesome. I just take it all month long and skip the period.


I have systemic lupus and when the symptoms first started, I had arthritis (so bad I could barely walk), extreme fatigue, rashes, hives, an almost constant lowgrade fever, and a bunch of other debilitating and annoying symptoms. My doctor prescribed a high dosage of prednisone (along with anti-inflammatories for the arthritis). Within a few months, my symptoms were under control enough that, if I made sure I took the medication by a certain time every morning, I was living a completely normal life. I was back to playing piano and softball and being able to go to school for whole days.

I was able to gradually cut back on the prednisone over a period of a few years, so that by the time I was 19, I was in full remission. I haven’t had any flares since.

I honestly believe that prednisone literally saved my life.

Prednisone saved my life too. I was diagnosed with a version of nephrotic’s syndrome when I was 9. My immune system decided my kidneys were the enemy and did some damage to them. The prednisone stopped that. I haven’t required any more prednisone since high school. It wasn’t pleasant to take but renal failure and dialysis while still a teenager would have been much worse. I’m 31, have had two children (my nephrologis still boggles at that one) and have my own kidneys that still function within the ‘normal’ range.

Lisinopril. A bloodpressure medicine with an interesting set of side effects. It helps inhibit scarring of my kidneys and slows protein leakage.

Lexapro. After the boy was born the post partum thing really threw me for a loop. I spent my first period afterwards sobbing and incoherent. On my good days I could function - barely. The first 3 weeks were really strange, low grade nausea and constant drowsiness for a week or so then mania and gidiness and sleeplessness for a week or so and now I’ve settled into being able to function well, having fun again and sleeping more normally. I got my period last week and was down right normal! Yay.

Not to get into a debate about “Big Pharma” but threads like these are why I want to work in the industry. It makes me feel good to think that MAYBE something I did helped put something on the market so that it could improve someone’s quality of life!

I don’t take meds all that much, other than birth control (which I do love!) and the occasional antihistamine for rare reactions, the odd sleeping pill, and Advil. Actually, of the three, advil has probably been the most useful med I’ve ever taken. For sleeping pills, I use OTC Sleep-eze D, which helps, but isn’t perfect. Most of the time, I can regain a normal sleeping pattern after one night with the pill, and just being more careful about my insomnia triggers.

My sister, OTOH, uses meds every day, due to severe, painful arthritis. She uses a bunch of things, in particular Vioxx and Tylenol a couple times a day, and is now also on Methotrexate and folic acid pills to see if that will help. None of these are a perfect cure for her, and her quality of life is severely affected by her disease - I just hope that a new, more effective drug will be discovered some day soon. I hope I have a small role to play in it, even if it’s just having tested it’s water content or something!

Here’s one you don’t hear about much anymore:


It kept me from dying of pneumonia, twice, at a young age. I’m asthmatic. Number two on my list would have to be steriod inhalers. When I was a kid, my asthma would get bad about once a month and I would have to go to the doctor and get a shot of epinephrine. Not fun at all–it would give me violent tremors and half the time I would throw up. Then I’d be exhausted for a week. I would take theophylline daily, but with that I had low-level tremors and exhaustion. Now all I have to do is take a couple puffs in the morning and I’m good for the day.

Yay science!


So I can spell pneumonia but not penicillin. :smack:

Synthroid. For thyroid deficiency. I never knew how many symptoms were due to thyroid until I got mine straightened out. The worst were the tremors in my hand and the inability to control my temperature.

Nuvaring. Insertable, three week birth control, low dosage. Changed my life.

Imitrix-would loose a day or so every couple of weeks curled up in bed due to a migraine in the worst pain imaginable trying desperatly to avoid light, noise, and touch except for those moments when I was vomiting my guts out. Immitirix can usually save me from that nightmare when used early enough.

b.c pills (debilitating cramps for days was not fun) & Xanax (for the panic attacks I started having after being in bad car accident in 2001)

better living through chemistry :smiley:

Not penicillin but it’s derivative Amoxicillin.

I had bad ear infections when I was a kid. Amoxicillin probably kept me from going deaf.

Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt, Frova, Axert - just about all the triptans work for me and it’s a good thing too, cause I have migraines more days than not. The only drawback is that we have no insurance coverage for prescritions and they cost, on average, about $15 a pill.

Another vote for Imitrex and Topamax. God I wish they had the triptans when I was 6. Nothing like throwing up in front of your classmates from a headache. :frowning:

Protopic ointment for eczema.

I lived with appallingly bad eczema mostly on my face from 17 to 34 years old. Some days there was no skin on my face. It was hard to sleep, eat and working was a horror when I had to face strangers while looking like a bowl of red porridge. Thank God for my husband who fell in love with me for me, not my looks.

15 plus years of on-again, off-again steroid use on my face ended up with me having cataract surgery at 30.

Then along came Protopic. WONDERFUL stuff, except it hurts like HELL for the first few days that you use it. Now my skin is whole, fairly supple, and not that red (can’t say NOT red!). And it has an interesting side effect - HUGE BLACKHEADS! Yum.

  1. Antibiotics, especially erythromycin and its new-and-improved spinoff, Biaxin. Those things got me over some pretty nasty pneumonia several years ago.

  2. Prescription pain killers, including percoset, vicodin, and codeine. Coedine kept me from coughing up all my lung tissue when I had pneumonia, vicodin made my wisdom tooth extraction much easier to bear, and the percoset got me through my first several post-surgery days in December.

  3. Zyrtec. All of us bug people develop allergies to insect proteins sooner or later. I managed to develop them sooner. When I get a flare-up, Zyrtec fixes the problem. It’s great stuff.

  4. Singulair. I take this puppy once a day, and it keeps down inflammation in my inner ear. That means I get a much better sense of balance, which is important for doing everything. And it helps get rid of ringing in my ears. Very, very nice.

  5. Triamterene/HCTZ blend. Helps with my balance and helps get rid of ringing in my ears. The combination of Singulair and Triamterene/HCTZ has been a miracle for me. I’d forgotten what it was like to be able to turn my head every morning without fail. Now I have a normal life. I can wake up, get up, run around, and often even pull all-nighters (I’ll be doing that tonight) without a problem. Amazing.

  6. Other people have mentioned steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ll second, third, fourth, etc. those guys. Steroids got rid of my hives when I had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, and they gave me a few days of perfect balance when I started having trouble with my inner ear. Thank you, Carl Djerassi.