Which presidential candidate would win in a *physical* fight?

“So, Presidential Race 2020 has just been come to a close. President Plisken, what do you have to say to the people of America?”


Yeah, but he’d attack the wrong person.

Not only would Kerry win, but he’d get a purple heart for it. :cool:

And the winner is! :slight_smile:

Please, please, please let Arnold run for President. Or Hillary Clinton–she would kick ass!

Kerry/Edwards v. Bush/Cheney. Cheney would be the first to be knocked out. I think he is probably kind of weak. Bush would then grab Edwards, who seems to be kind of a wuss, and use him for a body shield as Kerry tries to punch him (Bush). Kerry would accidentally knock out his buddy, leaving Bush and Kerry together to pummel each other. Both are in great physical shape and they both would probably fight to a draw, but not before many broken bones and massive blood loss.

Thereza v. Laura would be one hot catfight! :slight_smile: The usually meek, quiet Laura would show her true colors by catching fire and fighting to a quick draw with the bitchy Thereza.

Cool. We could have the Governator against Governor Jesse the Body. No more girly men for president (joking). At least, we’d see a decent fight. In Kerry vs Bush, I’d bet on Kerry. Bigger, stronger, longer reach. Let’s make it a cage match.

Bush and Cheney could employ Saddam Hussein’s strategy of dumping oil on the ground and setting it on fire. Ketchup, on the other hand, just isn’t much good in combat situations.

I’ve had the pleasure of shaking hands with both candidates. Bush has a weak handshake, whilest Kerry has a good and firm handshake. Based soley on that, I’d say Kerry has the advantage in a fist fight. As for Edwards vs. Cheney, I’d give the edge to Edwards if he leans in on Cheney’s weak side.