Which Regions In The Europe Have The Most Attractive Populations?

I suppose that depends if you prefer light skin or dark skin. I haven’t traveled extensively in Europe, but I did see some very pretty ladies in Amsterdam (Dutch ladies, not SE Asian transplants). In the movies, it seems to me the brown skin ladies from Spain are very pretty.

Someone with more European experience please enlighten us.

I’m not gay so maybe I didn’t think they were attractive as much as I was jealous, but many Israeli girls had the most gorgeous hair. Awesome cork screw curls. Ok that was in the 80’s in may have been a fad but I so wanted their hair (yes I know Israel is not strictly Europe).

Greek boys are awfully pretty but very macho/sexist…soooooooo pretty though.

Best of all is a Brit lad. Best sense of humour and brilliant accents.

…in the eye of the of the beholder, an’ all that…

IMO, southern Europe, from France down to Italy.

They are indeed very pretty but, returning to Seville recently, it appeared that the vast majority now have unbelievably large posteriors.

My opinion:

I think the men here in France are stunningly gorgeous (you should see this one guy who lives down the street). My mom agreed on a recent visit, but she thinks they’re too conceited.

I think the most beautiful women of Europe are from Estonia or Finland. They have beautiful bone structure and nice coloring.

So my votes are France for men and Estonia and Finland for women.

Mmm… Finland…

(Wanna go back. Wanna go back…)

I’ve never been to Europe, but from the visitors to the US that I’ve seen, the Italians, Greeks, and Spanish are where it is at for me.

I’m VERY partial to olive complexion, dark hair and eyes.

Hmmm I’m also gonna go for the Dutch, not only are they good looking but also very laid back attitude

Not the Swiss. :eek:

French men are way too skinny and dress way too fashionably. When I go, I always have this disconnect, “why is that gay guy holding hands with a woman?” but it passes after a couple days.

Can’t say about the women. I saw some nice looking women in Prague and Budapest but it seems like after 18, they turn into man-cows.

I find some French women very sexy even though they’re a little too skinny.

Some American friends and I were walking on the streets of Malmo, Sweden one day and happened to see a wedding party come out of a church. They stood for a family photo and I wish someone had taken a photo of our faces with our jaws to the ground. It was the most beautiful group of people we had ever seen - even the grandparents in the group were knock-outs.

One of the Americans nudged me and whispered, “they must kill ugly babies at birth.”

The Mediterranean as a whole. I love dark complexions.

To my taste:

Men: Italy. Yes, it’s a cliche but they are soooo handsome. Not sure I’d go out with them though.

Honourable mention: Irish lads can be real charmers, so that even when they aren’t that goodlooking, they seem to be. And I love that dark her with pale complexion and blue eyes thing that you seem to get here more than elsewhere.

Women: Spain. It helps that they seem to get really cool clothes out there, particularly shoes. Maybe that’s just me, but it seems that way. I’m female and straight, but I once worked with this Spanish girl who was so beautiful I just kept staring at her and would regularly lose my train of thought when speaking to her.

Honourable mention: Agreeing with everyone who said Finland. I haven’t been there, but my good Finnish friend is an utter stunner.

I found the men in southern Germany, Italy, and France to be pretty attractive.

I found the women in the Czech Republic and Poland to be absolutely gorgeous.

Just my observations.

LOL, that is so true. Maybe that’s why I like them, I’m attracted to their wardrobes! I can attest that my husband has fabulous and very expensive taste. When we were dating he bought me an Yves St Laurent cashmere sleeveless black sweater. Nowhere else on earth can you find a man who would do that.

Right here in Virginia. I buy my wife clothes all the time…and she wears them.

In, Russia, Ukraine, & assorted other states of the federation, the women seem to be stunningly beautiful with beautiful bodies. Something weird happens when they hit a certain age though – the man-cow thing. I noticed the same sort of thing with Spanish women. Why is this? In Russia or Ukraine, is it that they have to work too hard and one day it all finally catches up, Dorian Gray-style? And what’s the deal with Spain?

Plnnr, you’re a good husband. I stand corrected.