Which side do you peel a banana from?

Eating a particularly fine specimen just now reminded me that in China, people peel their bananas from the end opposite the stem whereas everybody I know in Australia prefers to peel it from the end closest to the stem. Is this a cultural thing? which end do you prefer?

I don’t get it. Don’t you pull on the stem to get it started? How do you do it from the non-stem end? You would need a knife or something, right? Why go to all that extra work.

Well, if the Chinese are anything like me…

I like my bananas a little riper than most folks here in the US of A (to the point that people often express pity over my eating a “rotten” banana and try to take it away from me and give me a “fresh” (translated, underripe and unpleasant to eat). I peel from the stem, just because the stem makes a natural handle to grab the peel by. However, when a banana is ripe enough for the Mango it’s fairly easy to split the seams at just about any point along its length, so I can see peeling it from the “wrong” end.

as far as I can gather, peeling from the non-stem end involves splitting the seam using a fingernail and then peeling segments. I guess the easiest way to find out is to just try it out for yourself.

The outside!!
I’ve never even **been **inside a banana.

I thought the question was going to be do you pull the stem towards the outside of the curve or the inside, it was the only possibility I could think of.

Should you peel bananas from the bottom up? makes the question clear and provides some discussion. It also has some good economist jokes, which is why I remembered it. I don’t like bananas.

The household of FaerieBeth, one and all, peel our bananas from the stem down.

Oh, and I, personally, can never eat a banana by holding on to the bottom of the peel and eating it out of the peel. I always break it off about halfway down and eat the top part first. Then, I remove the rest of the banana and eat it.


I never touch the damn things.
They are pollinated by bats.

The passenger side!

Sorry, I realize there was already one smart-ass answer in the thread but that’s the first thing that popped into my head and I felt compelled to post it.

And so I am not totally off topic I peel from the stem end, holding the banana in my left and peeling with my right …
but never while I’m driving!

Sorry! :smack:

Oh, and you should always wash your bananas before peeling, especially if you’re worried about bat stuff.

I peel my bananas from the non-stem end–I found that bending the stem to peel the banana always mooshes the tip of the banana, and I prefer them un-mooshed. I use my thumbnail to pierce the skin.

And I start peeling on the side of the curve. (Imagine the banana as an open-parens with the stem at the bottom; I start at the top on the side facing you.)
Note that the previous statements don’t apply to baby bananas or the equivalent, since their skins are tough enough that I need a knife to peel them.

I should point out here that the non-stem end is actually the bottom of the banana.

Actually, the stem end is the bottom of the banana. Banana bunches grow “upside-down” from what we normally think of as the “correct” orientation.

Bats hang upside down, too.
I rest my case.
Bat germs. Yuck.

He’s worried about bats but not “de deadly black tarant’la”… sigh What’s the world coming to?

I started peeling my bananas from the non-stem end after reading an article in Yale Magazine (my father subscribes; he’s an alumnus) about two Yale economists who share an uncommon talent for looking at everyday practices and imagining them being done differently. One of the examples these guys mention is peeling bananas from the non-stem end, which they claim is also the method used by monkeys.

I eat 1/2 a banana on my cereal. The other half my wife eats or if she’s not at home, I finish the other 1/2 the next day*. So I peel my bananas from the middle.

  • [sub]I just cut off the brown part[/sub]

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought outside.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

Then there’s that scene in Species where the alien (whatever her name was…) began gnawing at the banana at the middle, skin on. I guess nothing is intuitive if you’ve never seen one before.
I have heard arguments taht the stem makes a nice handle for kids. I have also noticed monkeys at the zoo using the stem as a handle. But with them there is not a whole lot of peeling happening. And IIRC the bananas were already cut in half which kind of alters that parameters a bit.

You are no doubt refering to my little spider buddy.

She could sit on your thumbnail before the Tragic Accident.
WARNING: link below has a picture of a cute itty bitty spider.

Here is the story of the Tragic Accident: