Which state never had a senator who ran for president

Does anyone know if there is a state that has never had one of its U.S. Senators run for president?

I don’t think Wyoming has ever had one.

Oregon? Maryland? Hawaii?

Oregon’s Senator Charles McNary was a candidate in 1940. Hawaii’s Senator Hiram Fong was a candidate in 1964 and 1968.

And Maryland Senator Joseph France was a candidate in 1932.

I think we need a definition. What does it mean to “run” for President? I was nominated by a major party? My friend wrote in my name?

Nah, Wyoming had Dick Cheney.

Cheney was never a senator- though he did seem to consider himself the fourth branch of the government sometimes.

I went by a loose definition; anyone who officially announced they were running for President. I figure anyone who’s already a Senator has a credible campaign just be announcing his or her intent. So I would count Rand Paul, for example, as having run for President.

New Mexico?

Nor did he ever run for President. Maybe that was meant as a lame joke though.


I think, closest would be Huey P Long

He had plans to run, even announced that he was planning to run, but was killed a month later.

No Official announcement that he was running,

Alaska, right? It of course had a governor nominated for national office, however.

The Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada seem likely to fit. Washington? West Virginia (I don’t think Jay R. ever tried)? Wisconsin? Arkansas?

Oklahoma is out; its first Senator, Robert Owen, tried to be nominated at the Democratic convention in 1920.

Within living memory (going back to the '60s) I can’t think of a California senator who made a run.

A guy who’d been a California senator got elected President in the '60s.

Aw, crap. Forgot about Tricky Dick.

In my defense, it had been 16 years since he left the Senate. (8 years as VP, 8 years unemployed.)

Alan Cranston was still serving as a Senator from California when he ran for President in 1984, dropping out after poor finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I swear, I live in this state and read the newspapers. :slight_smile:

I’ll go away now.

How quickly we forget


Washington is out too