Which TV shows have "musical" episodes?

Specifically, of course, musical as a genre - the two I’ve seen are on Buffy and Scrubs, where a story excuse is given to run the whole episode as an old fashioned musical, with torch songs, dance numbers, etc. (I kept waiting for the patter song in Buffy, but unfortunately Giles didn’t get to do one.)

So, are there others? Was Buffy the first? (That’s the first one of this specific pastiche kind of format I can think of.) Are they all good? The funny thing to me is that those two examples are both in later seasons that kind of suck, but the musical episodes are awesome - character driven, etc.

The Dick Van Dyke Show had a Christmas episode in which the cast did a number of musical numbers, the nominal excuse being that this was a Very Special Episode of the Alan Brady Show (although that didn’t explain why Laura Petrie was up there performing with the writers). I;m not sure that’s what you’re looking for.
Of course, every single episode of the 1960s series That’s Life was a musical, as was every episode of Cop Rock. but I suspect you’re looking for musical episodes of normally non-musical shows.

An episode of I Love Lucy consisted almost entirely of a musical dream sequence set in Scotland, with Fred and Ethel as a two-headed dragon.

Several episodes of The Drew Carey Show had musical production numbers. I don’t think they had more than one per episode though.

Is The Simpsons too obvious to note?

And of course, My Name is Earl had one.


Xena, episode was The Bitter Suite.

Not at all. Especially The President wore Pearls and My Fair Laddy. If there are any Xena fans around, the was the episode The Bitter Suite. There was also a musical episode of Gilligans Island.

Head of the Class did Little Shop of Horrors.

Eli Stone breaks into music and dancing in pretty much every episode, but I don’t think that’s what the OP is looking for. The eps aren’t all musical.

Thought I’d plug the show, though. :slight_smile:

There was a Scrubs musical episode called “My Musical”.

Mentioned in the OP as an example of this type.

There was an Even Stevens musical episode. Pretty entertaining when I was younger.

There was a musical episode of Roseanne in the second season. Several songs, advancing the story, blah blah. Not one of my favorites.

South Park?
That 70’s Show? I think they did one.

That 70’s Show definitely did a musical.

I knew they existed pre-Buffy, but I’m surprised there were so many. That said, I think that show led to something of a prime-time musical renaissance.


Came in to mention this. I loved the prison-work-gang Gilbert & Sullivan number.

The Love Boat.


Uh… all of them?


GREAT Sarah Palin impersonation!

Lexx did it in 1999.

You can see some of it here. Lexx’s Brigadoom

It’s pretty good, actually.