Which US political party would benefit the most from ending the Drug War?

I support Obama but admit my only real issue with him is his continuation of the failed War on Drugs (War on American citizens). I am really disappointed in Obama here. I just want legal MMJ shops for now.

Republicans cock-tease Libertarians all the time but never deliver any real liberty. So perhaps it would shift the youth vote to the GOP if they tried to end this ridiculous war on Americans.

If the GOP were actually pro-freedom like they preach I might consider voting for one of them some day.

Would either party help itself here?

I think Republicans would help themselves the more since most of those favourable to drug legalization already support the Democrats anyway and the Republicans can draw support from low turnout groups like the youth vote and with those usually suspicious of the GOP like libertarians and even some Rockefeller Republican types.

I agree.

Too bad the GOP ridicules Ron Paul every chance they have.