Which version of A Christmas Carol is your guilty pleasure

Sure many of us have a favorite version of Dicken’s classic tale, Many would see the reason why we’d like it. But how about the secret guilty pleasure? Do you have a liking for a version that is either awful or reviled by others?

For me it is one I used to call the FONZIE version. This Version always worked for me. I think Winkler is actually quite good despite the abundance of rubber on his face.

So how about you?

The 1938 Reginald Owen version doesn’t get as much love as the 1951 Sims version.

Still, I prefer the Owen version.

The Owen version is too edited for me. The greatness of the Sims version is that it has all the creepy scenes & even fills in some stuff (Scrooge meeting Marley).

That said, I would like the Owen version MUCH better if it had been the Lionel Barrymore version, as was originally planned. (The crippling arthitis put a halt to that but LB did do it several times for radio.)

The only version of The Christmas Carol I will watch is The Muppets Christmas Carol.

There are plenty of good reasons to love the George C. Scott version.

Lusting after the actress playing the Ghost of Christmas Past, though, is probably not one of them.

MaGoo, you’ve done it again!

Every x-mas eve the family watches the Muppets. Looking forward to it tonight!

Magoo, all the way.
With razzleberry dressing.

La! La! La la la la la!

Not sure it counts, though, since I feel no guilt at all about my love for Mr. Magoo.

The Owen’s version was the most popular for awhile. Then the Sim’s version took over. A lot of this is when WGN (though it’s cable) switched version or rather lost the rights to the Owen’s version.

The Owen’s version is much more family oriented. I think it makes better viewing for kids and family. But the Sim’s version is better, though both stray from the original story.

I have always got a CD audio book version from the library and on Christmas Eve, I play that version.

Mr. Magoo’s version is my all-time favorite. and I’m not feeling guilty about it either

A&E Network’s “Karroll’s Christmas”. Not because it’s particularly good (it’s not). But I co-wrote it and get a residual check every time it airs. Thus, guilty pleasure.

Don’t know if this counts, but, Scrooged.

I’m not quite THAT adamant about it, but I just picked up the DVD at Best Buy precisely because I love it, and I can never find it in the darn rental places at Christmas. :frowning:

It has a very good song in the middle of it, sung by the Ghost of Christmas Present. :slight_smile:

You, sir, have just redeemed yourself in my eyes, perhaps permanently! :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, at least until the next Tiger Woods thread. :smiley:

Merry Christmas!

I admire your candor.

But you still must die.

(Yeah, I watched it. I still may again. It does have Wallace Shawn!)

Albert Finney’s Scrooge. After 30+ years of watching it, I still tear up when he sings about letting his fiancee go. “You…you were good to me…and I let you go…”

Plus I love how much of the dialogue is delivered (spoken, not just sung).

I am nothing if not candid. I’m still pretty proud of the original script. Not claiming it was a work of genius or anything, but I think it was a pretty funny and touching script. They slapsticked it up, and totally miscast it. Oh well.

No guilt for me on this one. I love this version! And I’m someone who generally does not care for musicals.

I adored the new Christmas Carol movie that is in theaters, the one with Jim Carey.

I think I’ll watch it for a few years of Christmases.

George C. Scott barely edges out Patrick Stewart for the win. But the new Disney 3-D version is a definite keeper.

The Kelsey Grammar version sucks except for Jane Krakowski as the Ghost of Christmas Past. She’s awesome.