Which way is "up" on a whole chicken?

I even have a pic link:

Whole Chickens

When I grill a whole chicken, it works best when the breast side is up. In the above picture, which is breast side up?

It seems like it would be easy to tell by touch, but I can’t tell the back from the front when the skin is on.


The left picture is “up”. Easy way to tell: the breasts will taper together toward the legs.

In that picture the left one is the breast and the right is the back.

If you get confused, just hold it more or less upright & imagine it trying to walk on its leg stumps. Whole dressed chickens like those have their feet cut off, but the stump is where the ankle on a human would be.

It becomes real obvious real quickly which part must be the back & which must be the front/breast.

If you’re still not sure, flap their little wings & imagine which way would work better for flying. Not that chickens can really fly, but they can sure try.