Which Wikipedia article should I vandalise next?

I’m a bit bored and wasting time. What should I vandalise on Wikipedia, and how?

W’s page seems to be a popular target…


How about this one.

How about you go do something constructive with your life? Jesus, get a job or a friend or something.

Seriously, get out of your mom’s basement and see some freakin’ daylight.

Which ones have you vandalized so far in your glorious career?

You shouldn’t. God, what sort of mindset does it take to actively attempt to worsen and harm something a lot of people put time and energy into constructing?

I think your name is missing a ‘J’.

You can leave mine the fuck alone for a start. :rolleyes:

How about wasting your time some other way? Why do you feel the need to vandalise what other people have spent time and effort constructing?

You might wish to use your free time in an endeavour to develop some maturity.


Admirable sentiment, but we’re not really supposed to call anyone a goat-botherer outside the Pit.

Sorry, it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee. I was back in the year 2000 for a second there. I apologize to the moderators for my post.

If anyone who has posted in this thread is unfamiliar with the OP, take a quick look at his posting history. His Why the hell wasn’t I banned? is fairly revealing.

Malacandra, you crack me up, dude. Good one.

The Scientology page?

As you can imagine (or should be able to), requests for ideas on how to troll other sites is frowned on here at the SDMB. We don’t care for it when people troll our board, so we don’t want to be the springboard for the trolling of other sites. Please don’t do this again.