Wikipedia users, what to do?

Ok, so the town I live in is really awesome and has its very own Wiki :cool: . Recently we’ve had some trolling by a longtime (mediocre) user, who suddenly got a lot of hatred for our little wiki community and started making a fool of himself, and wasting a lot of server space and mods’ time. It started where he would leave in a huff after the April Fool’s joke (they made the wiki look like MySpace for a day), then he got into a habit of recreating and deleting his personal page every day; lately it has escalated. This set should show the amount of damage being done (look for MatthewKeys). And there is a lot of debate as to what to do with a formerly decent editor.

Now I don’t use Wikipedia, but if anyone here does, what would they do about this situation? Its getting a little over-dramatic and annoying fast.

Paging KellyM!