Which would you rather drive-Automatic or Manual?

Assuming you are able to drive both, and you have a limitless amount of money to spend on any car you choose, would you choose the model with manual or automatic transmission?

I like having gears to change and a clutch to play with, it makes me feel more like DRIVER. I’ve driven an automatic a couple of times, and it felt like I was less involved, more passive. Granted it was easier, but I felt like something about the whole experience was lacking.

I’m not a car person, but I was wondering what good qualities (other than the ease with which you can drive them) automatic cars have, because I’m not sure I can see the appeal.

I’d go with a standard transmission, hands down. My Cherokee is the first automatic I’ve owned, and I’m still not used to it.

What’s au-to-ma-tic?..

Manual. The only thing I like with an automatic is being able to easily eat breakfast while in traffic.

I’ve had both and I prefer automatic. One less thing to worry about when driving. Especially where it is so hilly.

I think this will come down to the two sides, “I love driving” and the “Cars are just a way to get from A to B”

I much prefer manual but then I live in the middle of nowhere with lots of twisty and hilly minor roads where the benefits of manuals really come to the fore.

Hills are where I miss the manual most! (Mind you, I live in almost the flattest part of the country)

Manual. I learned on a manual and I hate that I’ll probably be saying goodbye to my manual car before the end of the year. There isn’t enough for my hands and feet to do in an automatic.

StaberindeMk2…that would be Ireland for you. Crap roads, hairpin bends, driving rain and the nagging possibility of running into a herd of sheep or cattle.

I drove an automatic in Australia, in the outback, where the roads are big, straight, wide and boring. It was difficult to stay awake anyway, not having to change gear didn’t help.

Cars are just a way to get from A to B for me, but I vastly prefer a manual transmission.

I’d better prop up the automatic side since it seems we’re outnumbered so far.

I will say that I really appreciate being in a manual car being driven by a skillfull driver. It ‘feels’ very different and more exciting than an automatic.

But years of sitting in traffic made my automatic an easy choice, and an experience last year sitting on the Capital Beltway for almost 2 hours in stop and go traffic in a borrowed standard only reinforced my decision. (I had leg cramps the rest of the day)

Ah, but you’re less likely to get a DVT in a manual!

Nahhh, all that stuff just makes driving interesting. :wink:

btw WRC driver Sebastian Loeb managed to run into a cow in last weekends Argentina rally. :eek:

Learn to use neutral!

Probably maunal if iIcould drive both. It would make driving more interesting.

As an aside, I know my father prefers to drive stick. I remember a conversation we had a few years ago in his truck (before I had my license).

Dad: “I got a standard because it gets better gas mileage.”
Me: “You bought a standard because Mom can’t drive it.”
Dad: “Shhh.”

Manual, the only way to go, a frakkin’ trained chimp could drive a sludgebox, no skill required

i also like to be in full control of every facet of the car, including the gear ratios, and sludgeboxes are too bloody boring

or, to put it more simply…

shift into “D” hit gas or brake as needed, fall asleep at wheel, hit tree

Manual. Hands down. The only time I even think about thinking about getting an automatic is when I’m in heavy D.C. stop-and-go traffic (I hear ya, EarthStone777!).

Another chance to mention my old, homemade bumper sticker: “Real women know how to handle a stick.” :smiley:

That only works for the “stop” part of stop-and-go driving. :slight_smile:

I like both. The modern automatic in my daily driver works so smoothly that I get a kick out if everytime it shifts. I like a manual in a sports car just for something to play with (isn’t that the point of a sports car, to interact with the car).

I can drive a manual (sort of) but I much prefer an automatic. Although technically speaking I have the skills to drive a manual (and have done so highway & city), I am white-knuckled with tension any time I am forced to drive one. I am certain that I will forget something crucial at just the wrong moment and kill myself in an entirely avoidable accident.

Bear in mind I don’t care for driving at all and only got my license at age 20 (ancient by US standards). Anything that makes the driving experience a touch less stressful is a bonus. Thus my preference for automatic.

I’ve driven more manuals than autos, but my next car will be an automatic. My favorite upside to a manual is the ability to get a push start when the battery goes dead.

If you really like manuals, try an old air-cooled Beetle.