While Waiting On The Next Clive Cussler.....

…you may find Beverly Connor’s Lindsay Chamberlain Mysteries an interesting read. The series revolves around the work of an archeologist who also specialzes in forensics.

I am now reading the novel Skeleton Crew and am finding it very entertaining as well as educational. It takes place off the Georgia coast and deals with the salvage of Spanish galleons and their treasure as well as the translation of a diary kept by one of the passengers, whose skeleton is recovered from the ship.

Without spoiling the read for you, the oceanographic archeologists are working out of something called a Cofferdam, and this is my only criticism of the book: I wish Ms. Connor had included a sketch of this structure, as thew term is new to me and sounds very intriguing.

If any of y’all can recommend a site which features a sketch of this structure as it relates to underwater exploration, I would appreciate it. The only ones I have been able to find are above ground or river structures, the latter being used for the building of bridges.



interesting… i’ll give ms connor’s books a try.

i just finished “the cabinet of curiosities” by preston and child. agent pendergast was my favourite in their relic series. all i can say is… he’s baaaaccckkk!